Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Adding to the Flock

Christine was her for a couple of hours last night to sew.  I decided to make a couple of chicken blocks to add to the one I made last week. 

I am using my small stash of 30's prints for my chickens.  The background is a pale yellow Kona cotton.  I made all of the beak strips and the red parts for the heads of the chickens last week so that makes it easier to make the rest of the block when I have a bit of sewing time.

There is going to be sashing and cornerstones between the chickens.

The flock is growing...three chickens as of last night.

Tonight, I made two more chickens--a blue chicken (if you look closely, you can see little chicks on the blue fabric!)...

And a yellow chicken.

Here is the entire flock so far:

I plan on making 4 more chickens before adding the sashing and cornerstones.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Meeting Erin at the Stitchin' Post

While my husband and I were on vacation, we spent a night at a Bed and Breakfast in Lexington, Virginia. After checking in, we wandered downtown to find a restaurant to eat dinner.  We walked by several interesting looking shops and did some window shopping. All of the shops were closed for the day, but we found a few that looked worth a return visit in the morning.  One of these was the Stitchin' Post.  I thought the name of the shop sounded familiar but could not place where I had heard of it before until I looked in the shop window and saw a sign with the owner's name, "Erin".

We went back to meet Erin the next morning.

When I introduced myself, she knew right away who I was.  We used to comment on each other's blogs quite often.  Erin has not had time to do any blogging in quite a while. Here is the link to her blog, My Patchwork Life.  I told her I missed reading her blog and encouraged her to get blogging again!  I just checked her blog and Erin is blogging again!!!  Hooray, Erin!  She has this same picture of the two of us on her blog!

Her shop is delightful--she teaches knitting and sewing.  She sells knitting, sewing a crafting supplies as well as items made by local crafts-people.  I purchased some threads at her store.

Erin made the seat cover for this chair.

The other window...

There are free quilting magazines in that basket.  (I did not bring any home with me!)

A view in the doorway of the Stitchin' Post.

There were interesting shops all up and down the main street in Lexington.  This sign was outside the shop next door to the Stitchin' Post.  It made me smile!
When we were walking back to our B and B, I noticed this decoration on the door of a house on the main street.  Very fun!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Slow Sashiko Stitching

I have been busy all day so far today with jobs around the house and other obligations. Now, it is time for me to have some slow stitching time out in the gazebo.  It is a beautiful sunny day and mama robin is sitting on her nest. The birds are singing and the flowers are blooming--a perfect day for some hand sewing with my feet up!  My sashiko project is coming along nicely--this will become a small wall hanging.  I may even do some more curly hand quilting on the sheep wall hanging today too.

Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Chicken #1 and Stash Enhancement

Christine and I got together to sew on Thursday evening.  She finished assembling a quilt top and I made a chicken!
The pattern is from "Farm Girl Vintage".
The plan is to make 9 30's print chickens and make a wall hanging.
I would like to use this fabric for the sashing, but have not been able to find it yet.  If you know of a place where I can get some locally (Southwestern Ontario), please let me know.
On our recent vacation, I went to two quilt stores and some, (let's be honest---lots!) of fabric (and some thread) begged to come home with me...
Neutrals can always come in handy.
I needed these for my future hand stitching projects...

These 30's prints just jumped in so they can play with the others that I had already.

A sale is always hard to resist.  This flannel will become a backing for a charity quilt.
I see a spinning 4 patch in my future with this fabric.
My yellow and orange stash drawers were looking depleted.
Who can resist some eggs and chicken wire?
I have a friend who loves civil war fabrics so these came home for her.
I just could not resist these fun fabrics.
This chambray will get used for something--it was on sale too.
Just to keep me honest, here is my very red stash report.
Fabric used since my last stash report: 2.6 yards
Total fabric used this year: 20.6 yards
Fabric added to the stash since my last report: Too much! 23 yards.
Total fabric added this year: 39.25 yards
Net fabric added this year:  18.65 yards
I keep learning over and over again that resisting is futile.  I need to go and do some serious sewing now...

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hand Stitching in the Car

Last week, my husband and I went on a car trip through Great Smokey Mountains National Park, along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and then through Shenandoah National Park.  I took along some hand stitching to do on the trip there and back.  I bought a kit to make a Sashiko block at our last London Friendship Quilters' Guild meeting and decided this would be a good project to bring in the car--not a lot of supplies and easy to tuck into my bag. I started by outlining the block, as suggested by the pictures in the instructions (which were in Japanese, but at least I could follow the diagrams!).

I managed to get the outlining done in the car on the way down.  At Shenandoah National park, we stayed at the Skyland Resort and had a room with a fireplace.  The room description promised a lovely view of the Shenandoah Valley. Instead, we had a wonderful view of the vast whiteness of thick fog almost the entire time that we were there! 

Instead of looking out the windows, my husband and I enjoyed a fire in the fireplace--he read a book and I did some stitching.

On the way home, I did some more stitching and the pattern started to show itself.  It was a bit hard to stitch on some roads--some of the stitches are a bit uneven as a result!  This picture was taken in the sun so the colour looks a bit washed out.

This will likely be made into a small wall hanging when it is done.  I bought some fabric to use as a border after I finish the hand stitching.  I hope to steal a few moments this week to make some more progress on this project.

Monday, May 4, 2015

How I Met Bonnie Hunter

My husband and I went on vacation last week and drove along the Blue Ridge Parkway, end to end. My husband is the vacation planner in the family. He figures out the itinerary, places to stay and interesting things to do along the way, taking into account the requests and interests of the family members embarking on the trip. On this trip, I managed to add in a surprise detour of my own, without consulting him first!
We had plans to visit Old Salem, the historic district of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Since I follow the Quiltville Blog, I knew that Bonnie Hunter lives in the area and that she was home the day we were going to Old Salem. The night before our visit to Old Salem, I sent off an email to Bonnie to see if I could possibly meet up with her to purchase some copies of her latest book, More Adventures with Leaders and Enders.  I told my husband what I was up to after clicking on the send button.  He thought I was nuts!  She will never answer you, he said.
15 minutes later, my phone vibrated as an email from Bonnie Hunter arrived in my inbox.  She offered to meet me somewhere so that I could purchase the books and have a short visit.  After a few emails back and forth, it was decided that we would meet at 11am in the parking lot at this restaurant:

As we waited for Bonnie to arrive, I received a text message from Cathy, a friend at home, who had noticed on Bonnie's blog that she was meeting a Canadian quilter that morning to deliver some books, asking if I was that Canadian quilter.  YUP!  It was me!

Bonnie had a busy day planned as she had lots to do to get ready for her trip to Italy later that week but she found a few minutes in her day to come and see me!  How fun!  Bonnie arrived, right on time, books in hand with a sharpie ready for signing!

We talked about our trip--driving the road through Great Smokey Mountains  National Park, along the Blue Ridge Parkway and then through Shenandoah National Park.  My husband took pictures with my phone and her phone so that we could both document our rendezvous.

When Bonnie heard that we were spending the afternoon at Old Salem, she recommended a stop at the Winkler Bakery to buy some thin cookies. If you are reading this post, Bonnie, I want you to know we bought the Old Salem Snack Pack with samples of 4 different types of thin cookies (sugar, chocolate, walnut and ginger snaps) as well as two types of cheese stars (plain and spicy). 

So far, we have tried the cheese stars and the walnut cookies--delicious!
I asked if Bonnie could recommend a quilt store in the area that we could visit after seeing Old Salem.  She told us about "Sew Original".  We added this stop to our itinerary for the later in the day.

I had to get a picture of Bonnie with her van and her vanity plate "Qultvlle" and the sticker on her window "got quilting?" before she had to race off to an appointment.  We had a wonderful visit!  Thanks for making time to see us when we were in Winston-Salem, Bonnie!

By the way, the quilt store was well stocked and I did a good bit of stash enhancing there which I will show in a future post.  The resident "guard dog" Shelby, greeted us at the door.

(Shelby is very famous--she has been on the Quiltville blog before when her owner and Bonnie got together for a sewing day!)

Bonnie posted a picture of the two of us on Facebook and her blog. Here is the link to Bonnie's blogpost.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Polka Dot Charity Block

The Elgin Piecemakers block for one month later this year is supposed to be made from polka dots.  Here is my sunflower block. I can't wait to see what the other members of the guild are going to do with their dotty blocks.  I like making these blocks for the charity quilts each month.  It is a fun way to try something new and play with my fabric. I also like to get them done ahead of time.  I only have one more to do for 2015--navy and lime green.

I am hoping for some hand quilting time tonight but there is lots to do around here before that can happen. Happy Stitching to you!