Sunday, February 5, 2012

I am all caught up!

I finished the 3rd clue for the "Stars for My Friends" mystery quilt a few minutes ago. I am really liking how this quilt is coming along and can hardly wait for the next clue which I will be picking up at the London Friendship Quilters' Guild meeting later this week. As you know, I cannot show my quilt to you, but I have been taking pictures of it as I complete each step so I can post them at the big reveal!  Here is another sneak peek...

This is going to be a very cozy flannel quilt. I have often put a flannel back on a quilt but this is the first time I have made a pieced flannel top. This quilt will definately have a flannel back too!

I also made a block for the next Elgin Piecemakers charity quilt for adult chemo patients at the local hospital. This month's colours are pink, green and white.  Here is my block:

Next month's colours are "sherbert colours"...I will have to dig deep into my stash to find something for this block!

I have another UFO pulled out to finish off this week. I made this quilt top over a year ago and never had it quilted. I just have to sew one seam on the backing, cut the batting and take it to the long arm quilter's house.  I am not sure why I have procrastinated for so long...

I just checked back and it was actually over 2 years since I pieced this top....

Here it is with the borders. This week, it is off to the quilter's to get this project off my UFO list!

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  1. A flannel front and a flannel back is going to make for a very cozy quilt! :o) Look forward to seeing more!