Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lynda's Garbage

This afternoon, I finished quilting and binding my mini quilt top that I made on Friday. It even has a label.  This is the smallest quilt that I have ever made!

The backing and binding are abrown civil war fabric with small paisleys on it that I had in my stash. I used a 1 1/8th strip of fabric for the binding. The name of this quilt is "Lynda's Garbage"--it is named for the quilter who gave me her scraps instead of throwing them out!

I also finished of the baskets I started earlier this week. Here is my entire basket collection...

I have 51 baskets finished (two are not in the picture above) and I think I will make more than one project with these little blocks. I have a few more baskets cut out and ready to piece so I will likely finish those before I start to put them together.

Now, I am off to have a cup of tea and start cutting out the next step of the "Stars for my Friends" mystery quilt. We received our clue on Thursday night at the guild meeting. We receive the final clue in April and then will have until September to finish off the project for Show and Tell. Our guild has a quilt show in late October so I am hoping to put my mystery quilt in the show. Over 30 members of the guild have participated in the mystery--it will be interesting to see the fabrics that everyone is using!

Have a good week!


  1. Cute little quilt and love your little baskets!

  2. Love the mini and it's name! Bet you Lynda wants her "garbage" back!

  3. It sure is cute for "garbage"! How big did it turn out to be? Where are you gonna display it? Careful, your husband will think it's a coaster....