Saturday, February 21, 2015

At long last, a SEWING DAY!!!

The Elgin Piecemakers got together today for our annual winter sewing day.  I have not had my sewing machine out in two weeks...yikes! I packed up everything I needed for the day last night so I could just load the car and go this morning. I started out by making three charity quilt blocks for our chemo quilts.  The brown, green and tan block above will be handed in this Thursday at our February meeting.  I also made a black slab block:

I made this block 12.5" square and was reminded by another member of the guild at the end of the day that it was supposed to be a 15.5" square so I will have to add some more strips to this block to bring it up to the right size.
I also made a block from my collection of 30's prints.  This is my own design.  No pattern used! 
After the three blocks were done, I pieced a couple of flannel backs for our charity quilts.  We had some flannel leftover from previous quilts that I brought home from the last meeting, hoping to be able to piece two or three backs from them. There is still more fabric left and I will check my flannel stash to see if there is anything I can add to make a third pieced back.  Sorry, there are no pictures of the flannel backings.
After lunch, I dug out my improvisational piecing project from a Jacquie Gering workshop last summer at Quilts at the Creek.  I laid my blocks out on the floor in a taped grid, as suggested by Jacquie.

I ended up making one more block before putting everything together.  I still had a couple of seams to finish off by the end of the day but you will get the idea by looking at the picture below.

I moved some things around as I sewed this together. I will likely quilt this myself and may try using some variegated thread that I have in my stash.

For Slow Sunday Stitching tomorrow, I hope to finish off the hand quilting on my wool applique wall hanging. I am using black thread on black material to add some texture to this little project.  I started this one at a workshop over a year ago...

Just in case you are getting worried that I won't have anything to sew once these ufo's are done, I have at least three more workshop ufo's to finish as well as other projects floating around in my mind waiting to be made.  Until next time... Happy Sewing!


  1. I don't think any of us who quilt will ever run out of quilts to work on, will we? ;-)

  2. I think it is funny how we start dreaming about what is next and you are so right we never run out of ideas or blocks we want to make. I love Jackies modern quilts hope to use some skills from her machine quilting class on another quilt I have started. Did you find quilting the black fabric more difficult?

  3. Love your wool applique block. Congrats on finishing up some UFOs.

  4. I wasn't worried... I knew you'd have enough projects to keep you busy!!

  5. Great job on finishing things up. I think we all are always designing or thinking of the 'next' quilt =). Love that 30's block - very original. I found a bin of 30's prints and some solids when clearing out my closet..... gives me some ideas. Thanks.

  6. I'm not worried either!
    Good idea on the chemo quilts. My DH was always cold when he had cancer and had chemo and radiation treatments.

  7. I have a stack of unfinished projects from workshops too! I know I will never finish some of them, since they really aren't my cup of tea--but the classes were a lot of fun. Your wool applique is looking great--very pretty!