Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My Daughter's Quilt


My daughter finished university over a year ago and I told her I wanted to make her a quilt as a graduation gift.  She moved into a new apartment last summer and decided that a new quilt would be nice for her new bed. She is pretty fussy about what she likes and does not like so it took a long time to look at different patterns, fabrics and colours. On Family Day weekend, we went to Mad About Patchwork and chose a pattern (Four Corners by Nancy Purvis) and fabric. 

You may remember seeing a picture of the fabrics a few posts back...

I bought enough fabric for her quilt and took it home. I washed it and ironed it. After cutting a couple of strips of each fabric and making some squares, I spent some time arranging the fabrics to figure out the order of the colours.

I emailed the pictures to my daughter so she could have input.

She hated the yellow fabric.

No matter where I put the yellow, she still hated it. So I dug into my stash for other options...

She did not like white (and neither did I!!)

Next up, a darker gray...the pattern was too big and the colour was too dark.

Next, I tried a mid gray with stripes in it.  She and I both liked this better.  I left this up on my design wall for a few days and consulted with my fellow quilters from the Elgin Piecemakers when we met at my house last week. They all thought the gray with the stripes fit in well.  I checked with my daughter again and she gave me the final approval. 

I only have a fat quarter of the striped fabric so I ordered a couple of yards from MAP and it should be here shortly.   Tonight, I cut some triangles and squares out of all of the fabrics and started to figure out the pattern.

Here is the first strip. 

Then I put together another strip, and another...

There are 5 strips in each section and 8 sections in the quilt.  This may take a while...

We are in the middle of a winter storm with freezing rain, ice pellets and snow tonight.  I predict shovelling in the morning!



  1. Your daughter likes the colors that are popular today and they do look nice. Grey is a great neutral. I have yet to attempt half square triangles in a strip.

  2. That's amazing how taking the yellow out changed the whole feel of the quilt!