Sunday, April 17, 2016

Quilty Inspiration

This is the Fisher Building in Detroit, MI.  On Saturday, my husband and I had a date day in Detroit and took in two Pure Detroit architectural walking tours.  (The Guardian Building and the Fisher Building)  Our guide at the Fisher Building was a history student at Wayne State University.  He really knew his stuff and really made the story of this building come alive for all of us on the tour.  No expense was spared when this building was constructed in the late 20's.  You can read more about the Fisher Building here.

I took lots of pictures on the tour but I think that the ones that will interest my readers the most are the ones I took of the floors.

So much quilty inspiration right under our feet! 

What a great way to sash your next quilting project!!!

The love the triangles in this hexagon pattern.

How about some economy blocks?

Or some hour glass blocks?  The floors were made from several different types of marble. The craftspeople who laid these floors did a fantastic job!

After looking at the floors (and other aspects of the building) on the main floor, we got into the elevator and went up to the third floor.  I looked down and this is what I saw on the elevator floor.

From the 3rd floor, we looked down and saw the floors from above.


I don't think I could ever make this type of medallion quilt!  The brass part was roped off so people don't walk on it.  It has had over 90 years of people stepping on it and the pictures in the brass are not as sharp as when it was installed.  Here is a close up of the inner border:

This is the railing on the third floor.  They don't make buildings like this anymore.

When we were done the tour, I stepped into the ladies room and found this on the floor!
I have never seen a bathroom floor like this before!

If you find yourself in Detroit, you really should try to go on the Pure Detroit tours.  There was no charge for the tours we took.  The link to their website is near the top of this post.  I am not receiving any money for the promotion of the tours.  I just thought you would like to see the quilty inspiration in the Fisher Building in Detroit.

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  1. Wow! What incredible designs, thanks for sharing these!