Sunday, July 10, 2016

This week's sewing report

I have been working on a few projects this past week.  These friendship star blocks are for comfort quilts for the London Friendship Quilter's Guild.  They are not entirely sewn together here today but they are done now.  I just did not take a picture of the completed blocks!!!

This is 20x20" and is for the Elgin Piecemaker's Charity project--chemo quilts for adult chemo patients at our local hospital.  We are each making one block and will hand them in at our September meeting.  They will be cut in half both ways to make 10x10" squares which will be reassembled to make a quilt.  We were told to use red, white, yellow and blue strips of fabric.  I took mine out of my scrap bins.

Last night, I make the backing for my daughter's graduation quilt and this morning, I made the label using the selvages from the fabrics in her quilt.

This one says "The big bad wolf only has eyes for L'il Red".  It is called Grandmother's Wallpaper.

Hugs and Kisses for my daughter.  She graduated from university over a year ago from university but took a while picking a pattern and fabrics for her quilt.

Her fabric choices took me a bit outside my box...

Here is the label sewn by hand to the backing which is a brushed cotton...nice and soft.  I have to take this to the long arm quilter this week.   I just need to get the batting cut off my roll of batting.

I am linking to Kathy's slow Sunday stitching link up.

I hope to quilt another quilt this week. 


  1. Do you use ink or embroidery thread for your label? The ink washed out of my last quilt even though I set it so I am looking for ideas. I love all those colorful blocks that you are working on.

  2. WHat a fabulous idea to use selvages for the label... love it!

  3. Your label looks great. Seeing all of those blocks cut up and reassembled will be fun.

  4. Love your idea of using selvages for your quilt label - I just may have to copy that! I'm also in the ink dilemma....howto make it set...... :)

  5. What a great idea. Noe you will remember where yhe fabric came from.
    Kathleen Mary