Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sewing in the car

We took road trip to visit our daughter this past weekend so before we left, I prepped some hand sewing projects to work on in the car.  I had offered to do the binding on a comfort quilt for the
London Friendship guild so one evening last week, I made the binding and machine sewed it to the quilt.  I did the hand stitching in the car on the way to our daughter's place.  

The sun was shining, providing great lighting for my stitching.  

By the time we got there, I had finished the binding!  

Members of the guild made the blocks and the quilt was assembled by a member of the comfort quilt committee.  Cathy quilted it and I did the binding. It will be given to a member of our guild who needs some comfort and support during a rough time in her life. The friendship stars are appropriate.  

On the way home, I worked on some EPP plus signs...until it go dark and I could not see to sew.  

I had all the things I needed in my hand stitching bag that Cathy made for me for Christmas. I had material cut for 9 plus signs. 

I finished 4 plus signs and started two others.  I somehow lost the fourth piece of material for one of the plus signs in the car...I will just have to cut another piece so I can finish that one off. 

Although we have not had very much snow this winter, there had been no shortage of snow where my daughter lives.  On Saturday morning, we went skating on a 3km trail though the woods.  The owner of the trail has a seasonal business and decided to make a skating rink through the woods on his property so people could come and enjoy the scenery.  He bought a used fire truck to flood the ice and a Zamboni to smooth the surface each night.  As you can see, it was a beautiful place to go skating! 

The temperatures rose above freezing later in the day and the ice trail was closed so we are all glad we got to skate through the woods.  We hope to go again next year! 

I will be linking up to Kathy's slow Sunday stitching.  


  1. That skating pathway sounds amazing!! It's hot and sticky here in Sydney and the very thought of ice skating is really a world away!!

  2. Now, that's a great way to be organized and complete the binding on a quilt! Those are beautiful projects.

  3. looks like a beautiful winter place! love the plus signs.

  4. LOVING that stitching bag--right now using a little Vera Bradley travel pouch for my "traveling sewing". A little tight but works ok. Hoping to do some little hexies tomorrow on the way up to my daughter's. hugs, Julierose

  5. Stopping by from Finish It Up Friday. What a lovely quilt! Whoever receives it is sure to feel comforted and wrapped in love from the guild.

    I love those little paper pieced plus signs. I've done hexies but I don't think I've seen that shape before.

    I smiled when as I read the first paragraph. I'm in the London area too. :)

  6. What a wonderful skate trail! Love the friendship star quilt and your crosses are coming along great.

  7. The skating trail looks wonderful, I haven't skated in years but would love to do that. Love the new plus signs, my plus sign paper pieces are on their way.

  8. Hand stitching binding on a quilt is a good car project as is EPP. I have yet to attempt EPP. Beautiful skating trail. By any chance is it in Michigan or Ontario?

  9. Wow, what a wonderful place to skate! We have no such thing here, just a seasonal 'pretend' ice rink about 20+ miles away. Last time I went I ended up in hospital with concussion, hahaha!!! Your EPP project is really intriguing, I'd love to see what the finished quilt will look like. Sounds like you planned your car journey perfectly too :)

  10. The skating pathway looks like a lot of fun! We have loads of snow here, but nothing like your pathway!

    Your sewing bag, and plus signs, are really cute!

    How wonderful for the receiver of the friendship quilt! She is fortunate to have such friends!

  11. Oh I love that winter magic skating shot and how much love between all you has gone into that friendship / comfort quilt!

  12. What a perfect use of driving time!
    Love how your group does these donation quilts... they truly are a labour of love from the quilting community ,with everyone taking part in the process!