Saturday, June 2, 2018

Going Squirrelly!

At the beginning of May, I took a one day Scrappy Applique class with Shannon Brinkley in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.  What a fun class!  No two projects were alike! I decided to use some hot colours for my squirrel with some blues for accent.  Shannon showed us several different ideas for shapes that we could cut out to use---mine are mostly triangles.  The triangles were fused to some lightweight fusible interfacing and then cut out into the shape of the squirrel.

Then, I fused the squirrel to my background fabric.  I thought leaves were an appropriate background for a squirrel!

I used orange thread for quilting.  I managed to get a bit of the quilting done in class--enough to get the squirrel firmly attached to the background fabric. I quilted wavy lines along the stems of the leaves and then added two more wavy lines in between each stem.  This dense quilting took a lot of thread--three spools for this small wall hanging.

I finished the quilting this week and love the texture of the orange wavy lines on the squirrel and the background fabric.

I used dark grey with dots on it for the backing and some nice bright orange for the binding.  The label is on but I will need to add a hanging sleeve before I can display this quilt on the wall.

I did the last of the hand sewing on the binding tonight and took my quilt outside for a picture, or two.

Since this is my Slow Sunday Stitching post, I should show you this week's progress on my Frank Lloyd Wright counted cross stitch project.

My daughter has been busy working on her next cityscape...New York City!

I will sign off with a picture of a visitor in my yard and some flowers...

Bachelor Button:

Coral Bells and Clematis:

And another clematis...

This visitor was peaking in my window, eyeing up my new quilt...


  1. what a wonderful, bright colored squirrel - and the background fabric you used is just right!

  2. I am watching squirrels playing in my yard while reading your squirrelly post. I like your brightly colored squirrel. Your window is coming along nicely. I can't believe how quickly your daughter is stitching. New York is looking great.

  3. Thanks for the step-by-step on your project. I like the beautiful flower photos....they would make a stunning quilt...

  4. Your garden is further ahead than mine. All so pretty.
    What a fantastic job you did with the squirrel piece and I love your cross stitch for slow stitching day too.

  5. I love your squirrel and the leave fabric you choose for him (her). The squirrel in your photo looks very different from those we have here. We have a squirrel feeder with corn in it which brings the fun and frisky creatures to my yard.

  6. The lighter background really shows off the squirrel! And, the dense quilting in orange is so striking! Your flowers are beautiful!

  7. Wow, the New York cityscape is fantastic! The Statue of Liberty just looks so impressive