Saturday, May 16, 2020

Another Finished Quilt!

What a beautiful day today!  Last weekend, we had snow, but today, we were out gardening while wearing shorts and sandals.   I think I like this weather better, and so does Finn.

I finished off this quilt this week...quilted with my DSM and the walking foot.

The size of the quilt was limited by the amount of flower and bird print that I had in my stash.

The backing is the same gray as on the front--a lucky find at a local quilt store as I shopped by phone call and texted pictures of potential backing fabric.  I had just enough of the turquoise  print for the binding--only 6" to spare.

Finn is definitely not camera shy!  You can see my zig zag quilting in this picture.

I've been doing some more knitting this week as well.  I made this dish cloth a little wider than the last one, by accident, so it may end up being rectangular rather than square as I only have one ball of the cotton yarn in this colour.  I picked up the size 6 needles I need for my next project this week so I will start that when this one is done.

I purchased my flowers on the internet from a local garden centre and just had to pick them up curbside.  This worked out very well and I did not have to worry about being too close to anyone while I shopped.  These purple and white petunias are lovely!

My bleeding hearts are blooming in the garden this week.  So pretty!

Yet another variety of daffodil bloomed this week as well.

We are supposed to get lots of rain over the next few days so we got all of our outside jobs done today.  I hope to do some sewing tomorrow and Monday when I can't be outside.   I have a couple of new quilts that I would like to start and I have other things to finish as well.   It's more fun to start something new...

I will be linking up with my friends at Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching in the morning.


  1. My weather is like yours. Very nice aqua and gray quilt. Lucky on the binding! I've never seen a petunia spotted as such. Love your bleeding heart! Beautiful. Wish I had a shady spot.

  2. I love your flowers - I wish I could grow those varieties but you don't see all of them - especially that bunch of blue in your first photo! love those

  3. I much prefer shorts and sandals weather, too. Your finished quilt is lovely; such pretty colours and the turquoise binding sets it off perfectly. It must be nice to see all those spring flowers pop up. Enjoy your Sunday.

  4. Such pretty flowers! The spotted petunia is something I have never seen! Great finish on your quilt, always a good feeling

  5. Your quilt is beautiful! Finn models it so well!
    The flowers are gorgeous too. Flowers always make everything better

  6. I love the colours of your latest finish. Nice job with the quilting. Your plants look lovely. We could do with some rain here but nothing forcast for a while. In fact the temperature is going up!

  7. Gorgeous quilt, and love seeing your beautiful flowers!

  8. I am hoping to shop for flowers tomorrow. I am planning on going to the garden center quite early so that there are few people there. We shall see. Your petunias are gorgeous. I love the quilt. The grey and turquoise combinations is very pretty. Finn looks very happy.

  9. pretty flowers! Aren't they even more important this year?
    Finn is such a cute dog, I love his photo bombs.
    Great quilt finish

  10. Very nice quilt. Wonder what you'll make next .... I had that purple petunia last year, It did very well and is so pretty! I'm gad to see Finn is so helpful. After all, you shouldn't be the only one doing all the work. Lol!