Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fabric Postcards

Last night, I spent my evening making fabric post cards and working on my wall hanging. I ran out of thread for the wall hanging--I'll get more on Saturday to finish it. The pink flower postcard is for my daughter who is away working at a camp for the summer. The Yellow flower postcard is for my Grandmother, the one who inspired me to quilt. One of the others will be a birthday card for a friend. I'm not sure who will receive the 4th one. I have more ideas in my head to make more--perhaps another evening when I am watching TV, I will make more.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My oldest UFO

I was exploring my very messy sewing room a couple of weeks ago and came across a hand pieced quilting project started before I got married (Our 19th wedding anniversary is this summer). I took a 20 week class at a quilting store in London, Ontario (Quilters' Supply which is no longer there!) on designing blocks, making templates, hand piecing, appliquing and hand quilting a sampler quilt. We learned how to design and make 13 different types of blocks. At the time, I pieced several of the blocks, quilted most of one block and took down the instructions on how to make the others. One of the blocks which was started, but not finished was a Hawiian block. Over the last week or so, I am pleased to tell you that I finished appliquing this block! I have decided to try to complete this project by hand, maybe as a wall hanging with 9 blocks. I will work away on it as I watch TV or wait for an appt. Here are pictures of the blocks that are peiced, including the Hawiian block:

Pieced star:


Pieced Drunkard's Path:

Log Cabin:

Pineapple Log Cabin:

9-Patch:The blocks that are not done include English Paper Piecing, Dresden plate, Applique, 16 patch, Mariner's compass and Cathedral Window. I will have to hunt a bit to find the patterns that I drafted for these...

Maybe some of you could post a comment on your oldest UFO...

I also started another 24 by 24" wall hanging this past week. The background is pieced and the applique parts are cut out. I purchased the kit for this at a quilting store in Savage, MD in March while I was on vacation. My daughter picked the kit for me. Here is the pieced background:

Stay tuned for a picture of the completed wall hanging.

By the way, my MIL liked "Feeling Sheepish". I have not heard yet where she is going to hang it.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Feeling Sheepish is Done!

I finished my MIL's birthday gift tonight--the party is on Saturday so I actually got it done with time to spare!!! I have been known to finish a gift in the car on the way to the event before!

Now...what to work on next. I have lots of UFO's... Here are some of my choices...

1. Fiddlesticks quilt, mostly pieced. I just have to finish putting the strips of blocks together. I want to put this into our guild quilt show this October.

2. Fabric postcards--not actually a UFO but I have some people I want to send them to.

3. Snowman wall hanging--I am quilting this one myself and it is partly quilted.

4. Another Pentecost banner for church--not started yet but I should try to finish it soon so it can be hung up at church.

5. A hand pieced, hand quilted sampler which I started before I got married (20 years ago) which I looked at the other day and decided I should finish it!

6. A fall table runner for me. I have the material but I have not started it yet.

7. Lots of projects that are racing around my head. Fabric is purchased, patterns picked but not started yet.

Stay posted for my decision...