Saturday, March 26, 2022

My Helper

I made a few more batik blocks this week for my Quilt for a Residential School Survivor.  I only have two more blocks to make.  I am contemplating ideas...  Finn likes to "help" while I am sewing, or should I say, trying to sew... 

I am going to make 12 blocks for this quilt--3 of each type.  Here are my three log cabin variation blocks.  I made the bottom one today and the one on the right with the green border earlier in the week. 

I added the orange churn dash block to the collection today.  I just have one star block and one pinwheel block to make and then I can put them together.  I will likely use a solid for sashing and borders. 

I finished knitting my hat this week, after borrowing some double pointed needles from my friend.  I'm working on the pompom. I like the way the top of the hat looks!

I managed to quilt 1/4 of the checkerboard quilt.  I brought it up to the kitchen to get a picture of the quilting so far and my helper arrived to pose for a picture. This quilt is about as big as I will quilt with my walking foot.  Anything bigger can go to a long armer. 

This coming week is looking really busy but I hope to get some time to do some more quilting...maybe even to finish it by next weekend. 

I belong to the book club at our local library. We will be discussing "The Dictionary of Lost Words" by Pip Williams in early April.  Finn is a very good leg warmer while I read, or try to read!  I highly recommend this historical fiction book if you are looking for something good to read.  

For my slow stitching this week, I have dug out my embroidery that I started a while ago and never finished.  I should have some time here and there this week to add some more stitches to this project.  

I will link up with Kathy and the Slow Sunday Stitchers in the morning. I can't believe it will be time to change the calendar to April at the end of this week.  If I could just convince the warmer weather to come and snowed today.  As far as I am concerned, SNOW is a bad four letter word this time of year!

Saturday, March 19, 2022

We Have a Visitor!

Finn is here!  Our daughter is quite busy at work for the next few weeks so we have Finn here to keep us company.  He loves to sit on the back of the couch and keep an eye on the comings and goings outside, as well as watch my husband and I.  Finn likes to keep track of his people.  He's staring at me as I type this blogpost on the computer...obviously, I need supervision!

Finn is not allowed in my sewing room so I have a baby gate up at the doorway so he can still see me but can't get into things in there.  I managed to do some walking foot quilting on my black and white checkerboard quilt after I worked out how to quilt it and marked the beginning of the design on the quilt with a Hera marker.  Now that the first few lines of stitching are done, it will be easy from here on out. I am using fuchsia thread that matches the sashing and border. 

My sewing machine is now in the dining room for the duration of Finn's visit.  This way, I can do a bit of sewing when he is napping.  It feels like having a two year old in the house --I have to keep an eye on what he is getting into all the time and sew during nap time!  I managed to make three more blocks for my Quilt for a Survivor of a Residential School, which several members of the Toronto Modern Guild are making. As a group, we have committed to making 30 quilts for this worthwhile cause.  I am aiming for 12 blocks and will add sashing and a border when the blocks are complete.  A couple of the blocks will be made from four small blocks as you can see in the second row.  I'm using brightly coloured batiks for this quilt--all from my stash. 

I made one more pinwheel block after the group shot above.  

I started making blocks for this quilt in an Improv class with Cheryl Arkison a few weeks ago. We learned different ways to make variations on four different traditional blocks--churn dash, pinwheel, log cabin and sawtooth star.  She encouraged us to just play, which is what I am doing. 

My knitting project, a hat for myself, is stalled until I can borrow some double pointed needles from a friend this week so I can finish off the decreases at the crown.  I have some yarn already for the pompom so I will need to make that this week too. 

I made some additions to my thread collection this past week. The turquoise and orange spools were purchased to replace some that were just about gone--the rest are colours that I did not have before.  

I received a fabric store gift card for my birthday so did a bit of stash enhancement!  --3 yards total.  I still aim to only buy backings and background fabrics for this year, besides this small birthday indulgence! 

More of the Witch Hazel flowers came out this week with the warmer weather.  

I will link up with Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitchers in the morning. Happy International Quilting Day!  I hope everyone had a chance to do a bit of quilting today!

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Two Quilt Backs and Some Knitting.

I tackled one of my least favourite parts of making a quilt this past week, not once but twice!  Some people don't like hand stitching the binding but for me the worst task is piecing the backing.  My lupin quilt used 8 yards of fabric for the backing and wrestling all of that fabric through the machine while trying to keep it all from falling on the floor is not fun. BUT, it's done now and ready to take to the long arm quilter's house.  Phew!

A group of friends is participating in our own little UFO challenge.  Getting my lupin quilt ready for the long armer was my February project.  For March, I am hoping to get this quilt to the finish line.  I make the backing this week from fabric that was in my stash. I had to insert a chunk of pink fabric leftover from the front into the backing to make it big enough. There's only three yards of fabric in this backing so it was not such a chore to get the backing made. I made the quilt top last year as part of the Colour Blocks challenge with Debby Brown on Facebook. I pin basted the quilt today on the kitchen floor so it is ready for walking foot quilting this week when the mood strikes.  I have several ideas for quilting floating around in my head and need to settle on one before I get started.  

My Shweshwe HST quilt top is done and I am in search of a suitable backing fabric, preferably from the stash.  I have already decided how this one will be quilted so hopefully, the backing fabric will appear from the depths soon. 

I made a mistake in my hat that I am knitting and could not figure out how to fix it so I ended up ripping all of it out and starting again.  I have made good progress and hope to finish the hat this coming week. I should be able to wear it this year as we still have some days that are cold enough for a hat when I go walking every morning, especially if it is a bit windy. I have a few hats that each work well in different temperature ranges to keep me warm. 

Our daughter sat on the couch to do some work this week so Finn snuggled up with his head on her shoulder to supervise.  He is an excellent neck warmer. 

The first sign of Spring in our garden:  the witch hazel is in bloom, even though it was snowing the day I took this picture. 

I will link up with Kathy and the slow Sunday stitchers in the morning. 

Friday, March 4, 2022

Yellow RSC Blocks and Knitting a Hat for Me!

The start of a new month means that there is a new colour for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge...For March, I am using my yellow/gold scraps to create blocks for my three projects.  I had to go digging for some extra yellow selvages but found enough to create two foundation pieced squares which I cut in half to create 4 triangles.  There are not enough gold coloured selvages in my extensive collection to create gold selvage blocks. 


I did, however, have enough gold and yellow squares to create two 36 patch blocks. 

Last, but not least, I made my scrappy drunkard's path blocks--again, only in yellow. I don't have enough gold scraps to make one in that colour. 

These yellow and gold blocks are safely tucked away with the blocks for January and February.  

My stash report for February:
Fabric added to the stash:  2 yards
Fabric used in February: 6.6 yards
Net Fabric used in February: 4.6 yards
Fabric used in 2022: 14.2 yards

I started knitting my new hat last night during a zoom meeting.  I find if I keep my hands busy, I am able to pay better attention to what is going on.  My winter jacket is turquoise so this hat will co-ordinate nicely!

When out for a walk this week, I noticed that someone has made some crocheted sunflowers to remind us all to pray for Ukraine.  There were several of these hanging from the trees along the path where I usually walk. 

I have banished all of my winter decorations to a bin in the basement and hope that by adding a few spring  items here and there, the warmer weather will be encouraged to arrive sooner rather than later. 

My husband and I did something very unusual last Sunday afternoon...We went to a Quilt Show!  A Presbyterian Church hosted the show as a fundraiser for Camp Kintail, a church camp that hosts hundreds of children every summer and retreats for adults and families throughout the year.  The quilts were all displayed in the sanctuary, over the pews and wherever they could find a spot.  Here are a few pictures.  

I can't have a blogpost without a Finn appearance now, can I??? He's just waiting for my daughter to give him a belly rub. Who could resist?

I will link up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge folks on Saturday and Kathy's Slow Stitching gang on Sunday.