Sunday, January 29, 2012

What do you think?

I rearranged my hexagons on the living room floor today. I took the bright pink block on the lower left out of the quilt. It just did not fit in. What do you think of this arrangement?

It snowed all afternoon here. I ran out and took a few pictures.

I finished the 2nd clue on the "Stars for My Friends" mystery quilt today. Only one more clue to do before I am caught up.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hexagon Progress

I just spent the last hour or so finishing my hexagons for this quilt. I have not finalized the layout of this quilt yet. Any ideas???  I love the colours--very Spring-like!

Last Saturday, the Elgin Piecemakers had a sewing day at a local church. I worked on my mystery quilt all day long. I finished off the first clue--the centre of this medalion quilt--this clue was given out in October 2011.  I started the 2nd clue, handed out in November and finished 11/20 units for this border. I am not allowed to show pictures of my progress so a picture of my chain piecing will have to do.

10 days ago, Christine and I got together to sew and she has now finished her Roll Roll Cotton Boll flimsy. I have to get going and get mine done too!  I am too easily distracted by other projects :-(

Looks great!

This past Thursday evening, the Elgin Piecemakers met at my house for our monthly meeting. I aksed everyone to bring a 7" by WOF strip of fabric in one of three colours (pink, orange or yellow). I used my GO machine to cut the strips into tumbler blocks and started sewing them into pairs today. Here is my progress so far and a picture of all the tumblers on my "design floor".

These will be made into a quilt top for an adult chemo patient at our local hospital.

I also asked everyone to bring in their oldest UFO and to tell the story of when/why they started it and never finished it.  The oldest UFO owner won a prize! (A Patchwork Quilt candle--sorry--I forgot to take a picture of the prize!)  Shirley won with her 61 year old UFO--an embroidered table cloth that she started before she got married and never finished!

She just has a few yellow flower centres and some stems to embroider!

It was a fun meeting with lots of wonderful show and tell as usual. We also had some charity quilts displayed in various stages of completion: 

I will have to start working on next month's block--the colours are pink, green and white.

Happy Sewing!

Monday, January 23, 2012

I must be CRAZY!

I have a confession to make...I started another new project yesterday...

I was blog surfing the other day, quite innocently of course, when I found this hexagon quilt-along pattern at Jaybird Quilts.  I had a couple of BaliPops in my stash and I had been keeping an eye out for a project for one of them.  These hexagons are the perfect project for these batik strips!  I have had this ruler forever and have never used it.

It took no time at all to pair up the strips and sew them together.

I cut out enough triangles to make two hexagons with each pair of strips.

Then I had to decide how to put them together...

How about this one?

Or this one? 

I decided on the windmills and cut a few more triangles out tonight and sewed three triangles together to make the two halves of each hexagon.

There will be more colour variety as I cut into more of the strips but I am liking it so far. I will decide on the final layout once I have all the half hexagons sewn together.

The BaliPop set I am using is called "Sherbert".

I will have to see what I can find to make with my other BaliPop...  Do you have any suggestions???

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A New Year and a New Project!

I signed up for the "Stars for My Friends" six part mystery at the London Friendship Quilters' guild. The first part was handed out in October. I did not get anything sewn as I had not picked out my fabrics by the time the November instructions came out. So, I was then two months behind!  I found a flannel fat quarter bundle in my sewing room and decided to use it for this project in November. By then, I was in the thick of getting ready for Christmas, so I still did not get any sewing done! 

After reading the instructions over, I realized I needed some light coloured fabric to go with my fat quarters. I finally found something appropriate in late November.

Today, I finally got my fabrics and now 3 months worth of instructions out and got started on this mystery!  I am not allowed to show any pictures of my project so that others do not see the mystery but here is a sneak peek of part of the centre block.

This mystery quilt was designed by Glenda at Stone Cottage Crafts in Craighurst, Ontario. She spoke at our guild meeting in September and many of our members signed up for the mystery!  I am looking forward to seeing everyone's versions of this quilt. The last clue will be distributed at our April meeting and then everyone is to have their tops done by a certain time for the big reveal.

I saw another online project today that I am considering as well...

As far as my sewing room goes, I ironed all of my recent fabric purchases today (they have all been washed already.) and hope to spend some time putting them all away and doing a major clean up of the sewing room tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Red, Black and White Block

I decided to do a little bit of sewing tonight so I made this block for the Elgin Piecemakers Guild Charity quilt for this month. Everyone is making red, black and white blocks for a sampler quilt.

In the middle of my block, you can see my new hugging salt and pepper shakers that were in my Christmas stocking from Santa!

I am hoping to have some time on Saturday to do some sewing and clean up my sewing room. I am not sure if I should sew or clean up first...  I know which one I would rather do!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I've been away...

I was away for a week after Christmas visiting this guy and some of his friends so I have not done a lot of sewing lately...

My SIL was very pleased with her Christmas gift this year...

It makes me happy when people like and use the quilts I make for them!

The London Friendship Quilters' Guild January meeting is this week so I finished off the binding tonight on my Blue Ridge Beauty quilt for show and tell. I will post a picture of the entire quilt later this week--I need two quilt holders and a sunny day to get a good picture.

Karen Cole quilted this quilt for me--she also quilted my Creamsicles by the Sea quilt in this post. I am hoping to have my Roll Roll Cotton Boll top completed sometime in the next couple of weeks and Karen will be quilting it too.

I almost forgot to show you the backing fabric on my SIL's Spinning 4 Patch quilt. The colours are perfect!

I have signed up for a mystery quilt with the LFQG and finally have all my fabrics purchased, washed and ready to go for it. I am using a flannel fat quarter bundle that I purchased in the US a few years ago and some co-ordinating lighter coloured flannel yardage for the background. I am already 2 months behind on the mystery and we are getting another clue this week. I am hoping to make a stab at getting caught up this week. I need to add the borders to RRCB too. Lots to do, not enough time to do it all--same old story!

Have a good week. I am back to work tomorrow.