Sunday, July 5, 2015

Vortex Flimsy DONE!

I spent most of yesterday running errands, gardening, and doing jobs that needed to be done around the house, so this afternoon was "me time". I spent a few hours putting my quilt vortex blocks together.  There was some trimming and a couple of extra blocks to make but I had the entire top together before supper.  I had wondered if I would need to add borders but now that I am looking at the picture again, I don't think it needs them. It measures 57" by 46" and should be fine as a lap quilt for my family room.

There are a lot of memories in these bits of fabric!  Somehow, they all seem to look good together. My scrap collection does not appear to be depleted at all...

Earlier in the week, I showed a close up picture of a flower in my yard and asked it any of you knew what it was...No one guessed that it was a close up of my climbing hydrangea plant!

Here are a few more pictures that I have taken this weekend...any guesses for these ones???

I will be hunting out some background fabric and batting so I can quilt my vortex quilt this week.  I have a London Modern Quilt Guild meeting next weekend and hope to bring it for show and tell.

Have a great week!


  1. Great Vortex quilt! Beautiful flowers, too.

  2. Fabulous Gail!
    I can't wait to sew a bit more on my Gail-inspired vortex!

  3. What a wonderful scrappy quilt! Love how all those scraps play well with one another. Reminds me of the wonderful color combinations we find in our gardens

  4. Oh your Vortex is so pretty, it must be so much fun to look over it and spot the fabrics that are in other things!