Tuesday, October 28, 2008

LFQG "Harvest of Quilts"

A couple of late nights and all of my quilts were ready in time to take them to the quilt show. I had 10 quilts of various sizes at the show and had many positive comments from friends, family and fellow quilters. It's nice to know others appreciate seeing all of the sewing that I have been doing lately.

All of the quilts I put in the show have been posted on my blog before so I will not add any pictures of my own quilts. I do have several pictures of quilts that others made that were my favourites at the show.

Jacqui's Button Quilt:

Ruth's flower garden, hand pieced and hand quilted:

A close up:

The sheep on this quilt had curly quilting:

Cynthia's 5 little monkeys quilt (one monkey did not show):
I will add more pictures at a later date.

The quilt show was well attended and inspiring to quilters and non-quilters alike. I even won a prize (a pattern from babs n' jas designs) at the raffle table!


  1. Hi, I love 'Ruth's flower garden'. It's really lovely. My mom makes these 6-sided shape quilts too, maybe I can let her see yours :)

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  3. Beautiful quilts. Hexagons by hand are about the only way to go, if they are small.

  4. I wish I had made the Flowers quilt--It is beautiful. It was my favourite at the quilt show but I did not make it!

  5. Ilove that sheep quilt and was wondering where I could find the pattern.