Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Preparations

Santa put this ornament in my stocking last year. The trunk of the tree is a thimble.
I continue to work on Christmas gifts in my sewing room, none of which I can post yet so that the recipients do not see their presents before the big day next week. I took some pictures of ornaments and decorations that I have made over the years and thought I would post them for you to see.
I made this one about 20 years ago. It is made from yo-yo's stuffed with cotton balls.

I made several Christmas tree skirts from this pattern for my parents, my in-laws, my sister in law and for a friend for her wedding gift. Everyone is still using them every year at Christmas.

I made this creche in 1987. I worked in a church at the time and part of my job was to tell the children's story each week. During Advent, the children opened a gift which contained part of the creche each week. On Christmas Eve, the baby Jesus was in the last parcel. When my daughter was little, she liked to act out the Christmas story with the figures. She played the part of the narrator. The three wise men are still not finished yet--they are sitting by my sewing machine in hopes of being finished this year so that they can join the other figures in the creche.

I purchased 3 panels to make this creche and kept one for myself. I gave the other two away to a friend and my sister in law for their small children to play with.

I purchased this Christmas decoration when we were on holidays in Philadelphia this past March.

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