Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fabric Postcards

This week, I made 4 fabric postcards. Two others are started but not done yet. I had problems downloading the pictures the other night so I took new pictures and will try again now to post them to my blog... Cross your fingers...

Yeah!! I got it to work tonight! I'm not sure why I could not post the pictures the other night.
I would like to make some more postcards before Christmas--we'll just have to see if I have time. I have lots of other things to do in the next 3 weeks. The house and tree are not decorated, there are no lights outside, shopping is not done, no wrapping done and no Christmas cards done yet. I have big plans for this weekend....


  1. Great postcards, Love those snowmen, I mean just look at their faces.........I sure don't look like that when I am standing in the snow ;-)

  2. Hey, that's my postcard at the bottom LOL...thanks for sending that one to me's very pretty. And it survived the trip through Canada Post very well...just a few tiny smudges on the back which makes it look authentic :-).