Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Carolina Christmas--A Bonnie Hunter Mystery

Christine, a quilting friend from the London Friendship Quilters Guild, and I decided we would do this Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt together. Neither of us had time when all of the Quiltville fans were doing the quilt back in December so we are going to do it together now. I made a Christmas quilt this past December so I decided to use blue (instead of green), brown (instead of gold), orange (instead of red) and neutrals for my quilt. Tonight, Christine and I cut 2 1/2" strips for the first step of the quilt. I have not cut any orange strips yet as there is no orange in this step. Keep checking back for progress. We are going to sew a bit before getting together again later this month to do some more cutting and some sewing. This is probably a long term project, but it will be fun to do it together. Christine is using traditional Christmas colours--red, green, gold and neutrals.


  1. Yippee...a new project starting!
    Yummy blues and browns!

  2. love the fabrics you did pick to make your quilt ....It will be stunning... keep us updated okay?
    hugs from Brussels

  3. I did my Carolina Christmas in the same colors--blues, browns, and orange accent. I made it to the block stage before I had to put the quilt aside (temporarily, of course!). How fun to be quilting with a friend! Enjoy and keep us posted on your progress.
    another gail, in cincinnati

  4. How fun that you get to sew-along with a friend on this project. I love my CCh it's one of my most favourite quilts ever :)