Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Carolina Christmas: Step #1 done!

Christine and I got together tonight to finish off Step #1 of Carolina Christmas. Here are my HST's--104 of them! They are all trimmed up and ready to go for step #2.

Christine is using the same gold fabric throughout this quilt. Here is a picture of her twosies:

Christine sewed her 104 HST's. Here they are in a pile behind her sewing machine as she chain pieced....

I love all of the different green fabrics she used! She has some special daisy fabric which she used for one of these units. It reminds her of her dog, Daisy!

Due to other commitments, we will not be able to get together to sew again until June. Our homework this time is to cut out all of the pieces needed for Step #2. When we get together in June, we will sew them together!


  1. You are smart to schedule sewing times for a specific project and work on it with a friend...what a great idea! And you set goals for the project...another great idea! This will ensure you keep working on it and it won't become a UFO.

  2. I am very excited to see your Carolina Christmas come together...I made this one and almost couldn't give it away to my own daughter!