Friday, April 15, 2011

QNIC/FNSI with Christine

Christine and I got together tonight for an evening of sewing.  I have had a really busy week and have been craving some machine time all week. We sewed for over 3 hours tonight --Christine worked on finishing off a leaf bowl as well as another quilt that she is making as a gift. She top stitched about 30 circles with blanket stitch on her sewing machine. (The thread was green so you can't really see the stitches in this photo.)

I kept working on my Blue Ridge Beauty quilt. 

The end is in sight... I have one more row to sew together and attach to the rest of the quilt.

I should be able to finish this off in the morning.  I have an idea for a pieced border for this quilt so I can use up my leftover strips from piecing the 120 blocks. I don't want to purchase any fabrics for this flimsy--I will have to get something for the backing though :-).

Look what arrived in the mail this week--I ordered them online with a gift card that I received for Christmas.  More inspiration....sigh.....I need more sewing time...


  1. It's amazing how soothing some machine piecing can be at the end of a long week! Glad you had some sewing time with Christine!

  2. It's wonderful to have someone to sew with. Having that much in common is wonderful.

  3. What fun it must be to sew with a friend after a long week. You two made lots o' progress!

  4. Hi!

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