Saturday, April 30, 2011

Just Fascinating!!!

Like many people, my family got up very early on Friday morning to watch Kate Middleton and Prince William's wedding on TV. My sister in law and her daughters were doing the same at their house. Earlier in the week, they paid a visit to the dollar store to purchase some items to make themselves fascinators to wear to celebrate along with the happy couple. Today, they were at my house for supper and they brought their fascinators along to show us.

My SIL wore this one all day on Friday at work--she is a teacher. The children in her class were just fascinated!

The happy couple on her fascinator are having a delicious picnic!!!

Niece 1 wore this lovely creation...

She coloured those KD noodles with an orange marker...

Niece 2 promoted good oral hygiene with her headpiece. I am sure Kate and William brush their teeth often since they have such beautiful smiles!

No sewing this week  ...  I have been too busy with other committments but hope to get back to my machine this coming week.


  1. Hilarious and creative - they must be a real hoot to be around!

  2. Awesome hats! I went to a wedding party but didn't wear a hat. I thought of making one but totally forgot about it until the morning of the wedding. Did you see the woman in the cobalt blue hat that looked like a shoe glued to her forehead? i googled her and she's some celebrity person from over there and every site was saying it was the worst hat. Anyway, it was a fun morning.

  3. Oh I love this! How absolutely fun! I thank you for sharing!