Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pillowcases and a Twister Runner

I am on a pillowcase binge at the moment--Many of them are gifts and cannot be revealed yet but I can show you two of them that were gifted today.

I made this baseball pillowcase for my BIL for his birthday which we celebrated today along with Father's Day with a BBQ at our house. He loves to play baseball and hopefully, he will dream of his "Field of Dreams" while this pillowcase is on his pillow.

The border fabric has baseball bats and balls on it.

My husband's hobby is N scale model trains so I made him this pillowcase for Father's day. It is already on his pillow.

I also made another Twister Table Runner for a friend this past week. Last winter, she knitted a scarf, mitts and a hat for me.  I am also going to make her a pillow case but it is not finished yet.

Today, we met the newest member of the family. Let me introduce you to "Skye"--a border collie puppy that lives at my BIL and SIL's house.  He is 8 weeks old and very lively. It was fun to have him here today.
He was all worn out and had a nap under a chair late in the afternoon.

Stay tuned for more sewing projects soon.  My friend, Christine, and I have decided to tackle Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll by Bonnie Hunter and we will be getting started a week from Monday. I should also try to do some more paper piecing for my Indian Orange Peel...

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