Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pillowcases done! Now on to a New Project...

I have been on somewhat of a pillowcase binge lately...I am sure you have all noticed!  Today, I finished off all of the pillowcases that I had on my list of pillowcases to make. Most are gifts for others but today, I also made one for myself!  It is the light coloured one on the far right in the picture above. The fabric has a subtle sewing theme which you will be able to see if you click on the picture below.

The music pillowcase, far left in the photo below, was given to my Dad for Father's Day. He has been playing the fiddle since he was very young--5 years old--and he is now 81!

The funnest part of making these pillowcases is picking out fabric that is appropriate for the recipient.

I made a knitting themed pillowcase for my friend who did some knitting for me this past winter.

Next week, Christine and I are going to get together to start working on Bonnie Hunter's Roll Roll Cotton Boll mystery quilt. Since we already have seen the completed quilts that others have made, it is no longer a mystery to us. We are going to start with Step 2--I did part of the cutting out this morning. We had decided to go this far before we get together next week to start sewing.

The Elgin Piecemakers had their annual June dinner at one of our members' homes. Her husband took the afternoon off and spent hours preparing a gourmet meal for us. He is an excellent cook. I forgot to take pictures of the food before we ate!--sorry!  You can be assured that it looked, smelled and tasted wonderful!  Thanks for your hospitality D and S!  After supper, we had some show and tell.

Debbie made this purple quilt for her MIL and just has to finish the binding.

Joanne made this quilt for her sister. The red birds look like they are ready to fly!

This spinning 4 patch has an interesting layout--the large scale print the quilter used made some very interesting blocks.

Six of us brought our filmstrip blocks in for our next charity quilt. Here they are:

There are more of these blocks to be made. The one blue block will make a nice accent in this quilt.

I will try to do another post after Christine and I get together this week.


  1. I love your pillowcases! They will make wonderful gifts.

  2. Wonderful cases! I did this back in Nov for Christmas gifts. Have fabric to do some for us but not cut yet!

  3. Good luck on RRCB! I am on about step 3 and slow goign but enjoying it!