Saturday, October 22, 2011

10 blocks done!

Thursday night, I had 45 minutes to spare and put together 4 more blocks for my RRCB quilt. I dug out my completed string blocks and started to lay the blocks out on the design floor.

Today, my husband made some delicious butternut squash soup for lunch. I did not take any pictures of the soup, but while it was cooking, I sewed some more RRCB blocks together. I have 10 blocks made now and the design floor is filling up!  I may be forced to move some furniture to lay out all of the blocks.

There are 30 of these blocks in this quilt.

This is a fun quilt to look at because there are so many different fabrics in it.

Christine has made me promise not to sew the blocks together until we both have them done.  Keep sewing, Christine!!!


  1. Wow, lots of sewing in this one, but it's looking good!

  2. Gail: your blocks look fabulous. This is going to be a beautiful quilt!
    Debbie R.