Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Show and Tell at BIQR

Wednesday night, after feasting on pizza, each of the quilters at the Beaver Island Quilt Retreat showed off one or two of their recently completed quilts.
This quilt was hand pieced and hand quilted--it took several years to complete and each star was a different fabric.

This applique quilt was made as a gift.

Gwen quipped that the border on this quilt was a bit "muted" (!!???) It was a wild and fun quilt!

This quilter also knits and made this doll for a new baby. The skirt and hair are made from purchased black gloves.

This quilt looked like stained glass.

Amazing applique and a wonderful pieced sashing!

This quilt was inspired by a photograph of the quilter's son and grandson. WOW!

Christine showed her Carolina Christmas quilt. (mine is at the quilter's right now). Beautiful!

Carol showed her recently finished "Test Pattern"quilt. She hand quilted this a little bit each day over the summer.
I loved this Frank Lloyd Wright inspired table runner.

Gwen was very interested in everyone's quilts! 

I showed my "Liberated Selvage Wedding Ring" Quilt that I made last summer from one of Gwen's patterns. I don't have a picture of me showing my quilt. Perhaps Carol or Christine could send me their picture and I could post it!  (Hint! Hint!)  I was very pleased that Gwen liked my quilt. She told us that Karen Griska of the Selvage Blog had attended one of the BIQR events.

This past weekend, my husband, my in-laws and I went to Ottawa to visit my daughter. On our way home, there were lots of Fall colours to admire and I shot this picture out of the car window. I was wishing I could get out of the car to take some close ups of the milkweed fluff in the foreground.

In my last BIQR post, I will show pictures of some of the sketches made by other quilters at the retreat.

Tonight, I made three liberated basket postcards --one for Pokey who correctly guessed that the picture in a previous post was of wagon wheel hubs, one for the London Friendship Quilter's Guild monthly postcard exchange and one for Gwen Marston.


  1. I love seeing your pictures and review from the BIQR someplace I dream of going to. I absolutely love that applique quilt, can you tell me who made it?
    keep sharing pictures and your thoughts about this retreat...
    thanks Kathie

  2. Thanks for sharing the BIQR show and tell.
    I am friends of Kathy S and Lori.
    I was so lucky to have attended the retreat for 5 years on Beaver Island.
    I'd love to go back one day!
    Thanks again for the inspiration