Friday, August 27, 2010

Selvage Quilt Flimsy DONE! (and some pillowcases)

Today is a beautiful sunny day in my part of the world! I saw a picture on the Moda Bake Shop Blog the other day of some pillowcases fluttering in the breeze and thought this was a neat way to display them for a picture. Since I don't have a clothes line, I called my neighbour to see if I could use her clothes line for my pictures for this blog post. She was happy to let me use it and to see my projects. I finished the borders on my Liberated Wedding Ring quilt yesterday. I have not trimmed the edges yet to even them out. Here it is, blowing in the breeze!The inner border is 1 inch wide and is a royal blue Kona cotton. I have purchased dark red for the binding. I will be shopping for some backing this weekend and hope to take it to the quilter's next week. My neighbour was quite surprised that I had made a quilt from the edges of the fabric! I told her about the Selvage Blog and the inspirational projects that are shown there each day.
I have been using my Grandma's fabric to make pillowcases for her great and great-great grandchildren. She had LOTS of pink fabric! I have not even made a dent in the pile of fabric that I washed the other day. Some of the pillow cases I make will be donated to charity. I will keep working away on them and may invite some friends over for a pillowcase making party. We could form a production line--a couple of people cutting, a couple ironing and a couple sewing. I will have to host this type of evening sometime soon.
I am off to quilt a couple of table runners I put together last night. They are for the Raffle Table at our upcoming London Friendship Quilters' Guild show on October 1st and 2nd in London, Ontario, Canada. The members of the guild are asked to donate something to the raffle table--tickets are sold and the purchasers can pick what prizes they want to win but placing their tickets in the appropriate container near each item. The money raised goes towards the expenses of the Charity and Kids' quilts that the guild makes (mostly batting which is purchased by the roll!). I promise to show pictures of the runners when they are done.


  1. Love how that quilt has turned out. You may turn me into a selvedge quilter yet.

    Love and hugs GinA XXX

  2. Wow, I love that selvage quilt, that's a very liberated wedding ring! May I put it on the Selvage Blog? What a great inspiration.

    Also, thanks for the mention.

  3. Best dressed clothesline I have seen in quite some time.....great job!

  4. Wait with the pillowcase evening til I get back :-)!! That would be a lot of fun and we could get a nice batch done for the project!

    Selvage quilt turned out great!


  5. Your "Rings" are looking wonderful drifting in the breeze, I've drawn it out to try. Now, where are those 15 minutes...?
    Thanks for the inspiration, Gail! You are great!

  6. Beautiful quilt, and congratulations on being on the selvage blog!

    Best wishes from Jenny, New Zealand