Monday, August 23, 2010

Christine and I sewed today...

We continue to work on Step 5 of our Carolina Christmas quilts. Mostly, we sewed the units together for the poinsettia star blocks but both of us completed one block so I could take a picture. My block is on the left and Christine's is on the right. As we chain pieced, Christine's daughter cut the sets of 4 apart for us and put them into neat piles. Thanks K! Our homework this time--keep working away on these blocks. I have lots of pressing to do before I can sew the units together.Here are my two blocks for step 5:
I also have been working on my selvage quilt. I have the blocks sewn together and I have moved onto the corner blocks and borders. I also bought some fabric for one of the borders and the binding on the weekend.
I bought some flannel for the back of my Friendship Braid Comfort Quilt on Friday and I want to get it ready to take to the quilters soon too. I hope to have some more time to sew tomorrow. Lots of projects to finish up... I guess I could say I am working on my Ph.D. (projects half done).

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