Saturday, December 3, 2011

I couldn't sleep this morning... I got up and made some fabric postcards!

I dug into my Christmas fabrics and selvages to make these cards.  I wonder who I will send them to???

These three have addresses and stamps on them and are ready to mail.

This quilt is a Christmas gift for someone who does not read my blog. It is in the mail and on its way to its destination already. My quilt holder is my Dad.   Thanks, Dad!

This is the first spinning 4 patch quilt that I have ever made. It has flying squirrels and maggots on it. (The fabric is Australian and the flying squirrels are actually some sort of marsupial and the maggots are a delicacy that some people eat. I don't think I want any on my dinner plate any time soon!)

I worked on the borders for RRCB again this week and I am just about done...Pictures soon.


  1. Someone is going to be surprised and happy when they get their mail.

  2. I know where one of those postcards ended up. :-) Thanks. It is my first fabric postcard, I had honestly never seen one other than in a picture. Merry Christmas !