Monday, November 28, 2011

It was a Pillowcase Sweatshop!

Last week, Jacqui, Chris and I got together for 3 hours to make pillowcases for our local homeless shelter and the local Christmas hamper program. We purchased some fabrics for this project but some of the fabric was donated by "Cherished Pieces"---Thanks, Cynthia!!!

We started by cutting lots of pieces for the pillowcases and then putting them in piles for Jacqui to pin. Chris sewed the tubes together and ironed them and then I serged them and did the final ironing. We did stop half way through for a cup of tea!

Here are our 21 pillowcases!

And another picture which shows more of the fabrics we used....

Three tired but happy pillowcase makers!

We hope to get together again soon to deliver the pillowcases and make some more for the Christmas hamper program. I bought some more material tonight to use for the next bunch of pillowcases...


  1. Wow, what a good days work. I like making pillowcases, they are so pretty and sort of instant gratification. I use them on my bed too, they're so soft to sleep on.

  2. You accomplished a lot at your sweat shop there! Great job!

  3. Those pillow cases are really pretty and functional. Looks like you had tons of fun making them.