Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Finally, some sewing time!

I have been doing lots and lots of yard work and gardening recently so my sewing machine and quilting projects have been ignored and gathering dust. Sunday night, I finally sat down at the machine and made some pillowcases which will be gifts for some upcoming birthdays and other occasions. 

I am hoping the people who will be receiving these pillowcases do not read my blog!

Christine and I got together tonight and trimmed a couple of quilts. She put the binding on hers and I prepped the binding for mine. I picked up my Roll Roll Cotton Boll from the quilter's last week and will do the final reveal once I have the binding on. In the meantime, here is a sneak peak:

It is quilted with antique red thread!

I also finished up the last few blocks for the last border on my Stars for My Friends mystery quilt...I can hardly wait to show you this quilt!  I have to wait until after our guild meeting in September when everyone will reveal their projects. I have seen a few of these quilts in progress and I am amazed at how different they all look, depending on the fabric choices.

In the meantime, it has finally rained here a few times after a long dry spell so there is lots of growing action in the gardens. My vegetable garden is looking good!  I did not even have anything planted at this time last year!  That's my shadow at the entrance to the garden. The fence keeps the rabbits out!

I have several types of clematis in bloom and here is one of my favourites...

This flower is called Scabiosa or Pincushion flower--appropriate for the garden of a quilter...

My tomato plants are growing like crazy!  I grow them in pots on the patio because there is a black walnut tree near my vegetable garden. Black walnut roots emit some chemical which kills tomato plants.

We planted a new tree in our yard this year to replace a tulip tree that died. This is a dogwood tree and it has 12 flowers this year.
That's all the news from here for now.

Happy sewing!


  1. My eye kept being drawn to the shadow picture on your garden. I thought it was a fun design! Time spent sewing is few and far between around here right now but I hope to catch a bit of time like you do to work on a few things. Life just seems to be too busy sometimes doesn't it?

  2. Seems like there's a lot of the not much sewing time going around. It's been the same here. I love the picture with your shadow. It would make a fabulous silhouettte quilt, with the silhouette over some garden type fabric. Oh, did you know that you have your blog set to "no reply"? I've tried to answer a couple of comments you've left, but can't.

  3. That maple leaf fabric on the pillow case is brilliant!