Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Parcel in the Mail from England!

When we got home from our weekend away, the first thing I noticed was a parcel in the mailbox...It was my charm pack and goodies from Jane in England. I had won a give-away on her blog which celebrated the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

The parcel contained the promised red, blue and neutral charm pack along with a box of tea, a bar of Belgian chocolate (long gone now!) and a crocheted flower pin. I am sitting at my kitchen table admiring the charm pack and thinking of ideas...  Thanks, Jane, for the wonderful parcel!

As you can see below, our weekend vacation included a little sewing in the car. Christine and I each did the hand sewing on a quilt--both were recent finishes by Christine.

I worked on her 30's Spin quilt .

Christine worked on a tumbler quilt.  She now has two quilts for show and tell at the London Friendship Quilters' Guild meeting later this week!

We visited three quilt stores on the weekend.  Of course, I did a little stash enhancement...


  1. So glad it arrived safely! Enjoy it!

  2. Lucky you! It looks like a sewing creator's dream! Glad you have a friend to stitch with ~