Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Finish to Show You and some hand sewing.

I finished this quilt quite a while ago (September) but have not had two quilt holders here when the weather is good for a picture until today. As you can see, almost all of our snow has melted except for the remnants of the piles at the sides of the driveway. This is my 9 patch mystery swap quilt. Christine and I organized this for the London Friendship Quilters' Guild last year. Everyone in the swap made 20 nine patches each month in a pre-determined colour and then Christine and I mixed them up and gave each participant 20 different nine patches back at the next meeting. There were also clues each month to make the rest of the parts for the complete quilt. This quilt has already had a turn on our bed as well as the guest room bed. I change quilts every time I change the sheets so all of the quilts get a turn being used.

My friend Cathy did the quilting. She did a great job as usual!

Today, I am doing some hand stitching on the binding of the quilt I showed a couple of posts ago. Cathy quilted this quilt with music notes. It is a Christmas gift for someone with musical talents.

I continue to work on some other gifts as well. There will be a grand show and tell after Christmas day!

Here is my stash report for this week...

Fabric used in the last week: 1.0 yards
Total fabric used this year: 209.36  yards
Fabric added to the stash in the last week: 1.0
Total fabric added this year: 154.66 yards
Net fabric used this year: 54.7 yards

My nieces are here this weekend for some aunt and uncle time. They have had a great time playing I Spy with the baby quilt I was working on last week with my MIL. There has not been any progress on the baby quilt this week.  I need some snow days to get all of my projects done...


  1. Congrats on a fantastic finish! Love the scrappiness of that quilt!
    What a neat tool you have to hold your stitching tools.
    You get to do my favourite thing today...binding...woohoo!
    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Love niine patch quilt, yours is spectacular. A lucky friend you have. I am sure they will enjoy those musical notes quilted in to the quilt. What a great idea. Your spool holder is sweet. Love simple things like that!

  3. What a fun nine patch quilt. It is always so fun finding new ways to use basic subunits.

  4. Love that setting of nine patches!! Adorable!

  5. The nine patch is such a great pattern! I love what you've done with this one. Very pretty.