Sunday, April 27, 2014

Progress and some more charity quilts.

I have been working away at several different projects this week, trying to tie up some loose ends and meet all of my upcoming deadlines.  I am not sure it is ever possible to "catch up" but I sure am going to try!
I put my scrappy mountain majesties blocks together this week and added two borders.  The top is now done.  I have purchased some backing and will be getting this quilt off to the quilters this week. My goal is to get the backing pieced and the label made this week sometime.

We had a meeting of the Elgin Piecemakers this past week. Here is a picture of all of our red, black and white blocks for this month's charity quilt.

One person was not able to make it to our meeting so her block will be added to that blank spot later.  These blocks will make a wonderful quilt.

This quilt has been quilted and just needs binding. It will be ready for delivery soon.

  There were six completed quilts that will be taken to the hospital adult chemo unit this week.

Today, I have been working on a round robin quilt. 3 friends and I are participating. I have already put a border on one person's quilt and this one is round 2. We will exchange again in early May for the last round.  We hope to get together for lunch to give the quilt tops back to their original owners.  We each supplied the middle block and the fabric for the rest of the quilt, although, everyone said that we could add our own fabric to each project.  No pictures allowed until the grand reveal.

I did the binding on another kid's charity quilt for the London Friendship Quilters' Guild this week. This is another group project with Nancy piecing the top and back, me supplying the batting and doing the binding and Cathy did the long arm quilting.

I walked around my backyard today and took a few pictures of the flowers that are in bloom!

These are mini daffodils.

Beautiful pasque flowers--I love the fuzzy stems.

A water drop in some unfurling columbine leaves.

My stash report for this week...  I purchased some fabric for a workshop that I will be taking later in May. I needed 1/2 yards and my stash consists mostly of fat quarters.  I also purchased backing fabric for the quilt at the top of this post.

Fabric used since my last stash report: 4.2 yards
Total fabric used this year: 53.85 yards
Fabric added to the stash since my last report: 10.5 yards
Total fabric added this year: 54.65 yards
Net fabric added this year: 0.8 yards

Until next time...


  1. You are such an amazing photographer! That water drop photo is stunning!

  2. some gorgeous quilts there. I love the black red and white one. I am currently collecting black and white fabrics for a project. I am going to make an Around the World quilt using half square triangles. I am going to add a round or two of black white and red fabric as well. - so that quilt really jumped out at me. It is coming into autumn here in Austalia although where I live in central queensland the temperatures we get mid winter are probably a mild summers day to you. Lovely photos

  3. You have some lovely projects going. The flowers are looking so sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Just love your scrappy mountain majesties! And I love the flowers ... are you a professional photographer?

  5. Happy to see that quilt done, and going to a good home. Thanks Gail!