Monday, June 30, 2014

Elgin Piecemakers Pot Luck

This year, the Elgin Piecemakers decided to close out the year with a potluck dinner at Diane's house. It was just a perfect evening for sitting in her backyard and chatting to catch up with everyone's news. There was wonderful variety in the salads and desserts that everyone brought and Diane cooked some pork tenderloin served with home-made mango salsa. 

After supper, we brought out the show and tell---we each had a red and gray block for this month's charity quilt--of course, I forgot mine at home and will have to deliver it later!

My block will fit nicely in that spot in the upper right corner...

A couple of quilt tops were completed.

Black, red and white

And, brown and green.

We are hoping to get together sometime this summer for a sewing day.  This will be a good chance to work on my UFO's.  I am off to deliver my red and gray block now....

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