Sunday, July 6, 2014

Slow Sunday Embroidery, Part 2

I have made a bit of progress on my wonky house block that I showed you in last week's post.  I have added a few flowers...

and some muntins in the windows...

a door knob...

and some grass...

and a flagstone walkway.

Perhaps I will have some time to work on this project again this week.

BTW: The new picture I have posted as my header was taken in Iceland at Pingvellir National Park.  


  1. Oh! I just love what you are doing! I would have a hard time putting this project down!

  2. The flagstone walkway is brilliant! The embellishments are perfect on your house!

  3. Thanks Gail-I just learned a new word-muntins-I had to google it. Why have I never hears this word before? Love the embroidery on your house block, it makes the block come alive!

  4. That house is so cool. The flower buttons are so cute . All the stitchery makes it so adorable. Wouldn't it be nice if there really was a place where houses were so colourful and lovely? The flagstones are killing me. Great work.

  5. this is so cute and fun to see the progress on :)

  6. It's a beautiful photo you have taken.
    Your house blocks look so full of fun

  7. Your wonky house looks great. I love the cobblestone walkway.

  8. I just love this house block, your added touches makes it even more special.
    thanks for sharing

  9. Muntins... didn't know that word! Love the special touches you are loving adding to your applique :)
    Thanks for linking up!