Sunday, July 20, 2014

Round Robin Results Party!

Back when it was cold and snowy, I spoke to a few quilting friends about doing a round robin. We would each make our own centre block and gather some fabrics that we would like in our quilt. Each month, we would receive someone else's bag of goodies and add a border to their block.  Cathy, Christine and Jacqui and I participated in this fun, and at times, challenging, project. We had a month to add a border to each quilt before passing it on to the next person. Each month, I would put the quilt on my design wall and try to listen to what it told me it wanted next.  Sometimes, that took a little longer than I wanted it to!

This past Thursday evening, we all got together in my backyard gazebo to exchange the finished quilt tops. It was a beautiful evening and we enjoyed tea and rhubarb kuchen after the exchange. It was fun to see how each quilt evolved. Everyone was very pleased with the results of our round robin! We decided that we would each share our own project on our own blog and then link to everyone else's blogs so you can go to see the other round robin quilts. 

I have always wanted to make a red and white quilt so I gathered up a variety of fabrics from my stash.

I had some lights, mediums and darks.
I found the pattern for this 16" block online (I can't find the pattern now so I can't tell you the source--if anyone knows, please tell me!--found it!
Cathy was the first one to add a border to my block. The block told her it wanted to be set on point. She used EQ to help design her border.
Cathy passed it on to Christine, who added a red solid border and some cute little scrappy baskets.

Jacqui was next and she found the little bag of cut offs from my flying geese in the bag of fabrics. She used them to make some more flying geese...

She had a lot of cutting to do to make enough flying geese to go all the way around my quilt.
Jacqui also wondered if my centre block needed a frame of rick rack to make it stand out...
My completed quilt top!  (I love the rick rack!)
I am thrilled with the final result of the round robin!  I did not know what to expect when Jacqui opened the bag and took my quilt top out.  Thank you Cathy, Christine and Jacqui for participating and for the work you did on my quilt!  Now, how should I have it quilted...???
Jacqui blogs at  Treadle Quilts.
Cathy's blog is Eagle's Wings Quilts.
Christine can be found at Quilting at Balmoral Cottage.
I will link to their round robin posts later.


  1. This turned out beautifully and what a treasure to have from your friends.

  2. Amazing quilts... love each one of them! I really like the tea bag border you added to Jacqui's!

  3. What a fun concept and such a great thing to do amongst friends! Your quilt turned out fabulous and I just love what everyone did for each round!

  4. visiting from crazy mum quilts. Your quilt is gorgeous. I love the centre block. If anyone can remind you where to find it I would love to know

  5. How cool that you wouldn't know how it would all turn out until the end! I love the idea that you each contributed to each others' quilts - what a lot of fun!