Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Abby's Quilt--An Update.

I have not been doing a lot of sewing over the last couple of weeks. My daughter was home for a few days and my aunt was here from Scotland for 10 days so there was lots of visiting and special family meals, but not a lot of sewing!  This past weekend was the London Friendship Quilters Guild Quilt show.  This week, Christine and I finally both had time to get together to sew!  I worked on Abby's t-shirt quilt. 

I added these neat yellow stripes (and one red stripe) beside this quote by George Bernard Shaw.

Last night, I made some "parts" including these red squiggly lines and some 60 degree triangles.

I also made some hour glass units.  I did not sew any of these parts together last night...I wanted to mull over the possibilities first.

Tonight, I made some blue broken dishes blocks.

I sewed some parts together tonight as well. I have more ideas to try as well... but there is a problem...

I am running out of the gray background fabric!  YIKES!   I made an emergency call to my friend, Pam, at Mad About Patchwork.  She is going to send me the gray fabric I need tomorrow.  Thanks, Pam! 

When my aunt was here, I took her to The Little Red Mitten, a local knitting shop.  My aunt purchased a couple of knitting patterns and enough wool to keep her busy over the winter with her projects.  The lady who helped us had nifty knitting fingernails!  I wonder if there is nail art like this for quilters???
Happy Fall!


  1. Absolutely LOVE what you are doing with the t-shirt quilt!!! It's going to be a stunner - and well loved & treasured by Abby!!! The nail is really cute - I'd definitely do something like that in a quilting design if it's out there :)

  2. I've never made a t-shirt quilt but this is quite inspiring. I love the individual peeks you are giving and can't wait to see the whole thing in one go.