Saturday, August 15, 2015

Frank Lloyd Wright Pin and Cross Stitch

When my husband and I visited the Darwin Martin House in Buffalo a couple of years ago, I bought myself a pin based on part of the Tree of Life stained glass windows in the house.

Until I started this cross stitch project, I always wore it with the three beads on the bottom...I guess I will have to wear it with them on the top now!

Last week, my Tree of Life cross stitch looked like this:

I did quite a bit of back stitching this week and will soon have to move the hoop up to work on the upper part of the window.

Besides this project, I am not doing any sewing these days.  Life is busy and stressful. I am thankful for a few moments of cross stitching to help keep me sane.  Some days this is working better than others. I hope to do some more back stitching tomorrow in the gazebo.  I am linking up to Kathy's Slow Sunday stitching.


  1. sewing sure can be a stress relief :)

  2. We always need our crafts for some stress relief. The Tree of Life window is growing beautifully. So pretty.

  3. Looks fabulous... and you have a pin to match!?!?
    Enjoy your moments of relaxation with stitching :)

  4. I'm enjoying seeing your progress on this! Isn't it wonderful to have a few minutes of hand sewing to keep us sane?

  5. Lovely slow stitching....take a deep breath and enjoy.