Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sewing with Hank and Frank

This is Hank:
Hank has been visiting our house for the last 10 days with his friend, Skye.

Skye likes to chew on Hank and make him squeak, which is especially popular before 6am. This week, Skye shook Hank so hard that two of his squeakers came out and his head and body just about parted ways.  It was time to perform surgery to put Hank back together again.

I am happy to report that Hank is feeling much more "put together" now and is as squeaky as ever. This made Skye very happy!

Skye's family returns home from their vacation today so he will be going home to have some quality time with them.

In the meantime, while not throwing a ball, or walking the dog, I have done a little stitching on Frank:

Last week:

This week:
Progress is being made!  I must say that Skye would rather I play ball with him than work on Frank...

Flowers in my garden this week--

Happy stitching to you!  I hope for a little more stitching time next week...


  1. Hank looks like he's being tortured....giggle. What a gorgeous pup!

  2. Oh yes... the mandatory dog toy repairs! Enjoy your quiet time with Frank today!
    Thanks for being part of the tribe :)

  3. He does not look too pleased in that first picture under the needle... but the puppy looks so happy with her fixed toy!