Thursday, February 18, 2016

Puttering in the Sewing Room

I have spent a few evenings in the sewing room during the last couple of weeks.  I made another house for my 30's prints neighbourhood--this is house #3.

I put together the 9th liberated basket quilt for my basket sampler quilt from the workshop I taught in January.  I used selvages for this basket.  If you look closely, you can see that the handle fabric also has scissors on it. I have some machine applique to do on one more block before I can assemble this quilt top.
Last week, I celebrated my birthday and my husband gave me a couple of quilting books..."Free Range Triangle Quilts" by Gwen Marston and Cathy Jones, and "Quilt Lovely" by Jen Kingwell.  There are lots of inspiring quilts in both books.  I was drawn to a quilted pillow in Jen's book and decided to make one for myself.  I need 16 paper pieced arcs for this pillow.  These are the first two arcs.
I have been working on more arcs and have 10 done now.  I need to go digging through my scraps before I make the last 6. They are not very big and will measure 2" in the finished blocks.  There is quite a bit of curved piecing in this pillow...I will get to that when I finish the arcs.
I have figured out the final layout for the modern wedge quilt.  I took the lighter wedges off the wall and will use them in another project.  I will be hand appliqueing the curvey parts onto the background, perhaps as my slow Sunday stitching project this weekend.
It was cold and frosty on my way to work this morning so I just had to stop the car at the side of a country road and take a few pictures.  Everything looked so sparkly!


  1. Fun basket and I love your frosty photos!

  2. You've been more than puttering around! I love the basket and the curved blocks so pretty! Just started following you via bloglovin!

  3. Little late but Happy Bday! Nice projects and lovely pics!

  4. I got that Jen Kingwell book last month, but the project that caught my eye was Glitter. I desperately want to start it, but I'm making myself finish a couple of things first. Talk about incentive!
    I love all your projects, but especially all those arcs! What fun!

  5. Love the look of your 'modern wedge' quilt!

  6. I too love those wedges. So glad you shared them with Oh Scrap!

  7. Love that selvage basket. What a clever idea!!!