Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Whooooo saw an Owl? or Two!

Christine and I got together to sew one evening last week.  We each made an owl block for our Fancy Forest quilts.  The eyes were a bit labour intensive in both the cutting of the pieces and sewing them together.

I felt like I was being watched!!

By the end of the evening, I had my owl together, although, he did have a bit of a problem with his beak...

I unstitched and re-sewed that seam,  and he looks much better now.

We each have one owl and two fireflies to go!

I noticed after I took this picture that Christine forgot to bring her owl home at the end of the evening! 

My next own will be red and white. It is all cut out and ready to go.   Christine and I are getting together again this week to sew our owls and maybe another project as well.


  1. The owls are great but the bunny is a scream! A wonderful collection of critters =)

  2. Very fun owls! You've got a cute collection of woodland buddies up on your design wall.

  3. How fun to have a friend and sew together.

  4. He's lovely! I have yet to start any of my animals but seeing this has made me want to get cutting!

  5. these are adorable!!! Like peeping toms.

  6. The owls are looking very smart!! So much fun to sew together!


  7. adorable. I love how you made a green one.

  8. Lovely owls! They look so intense! I can see why you were feeling watched!