Friday, April 27, 2018

Baby Quilt DONE!

I finished off my I Spy baby quilt this even has a label!  I have made several I spy quilts over the years and have never repeated a pattern...each one is unique.  I am quite pleased with the green sashing and binding on this quilt.  It will be given to a new baby girl in the family.  Our extended family has been very prolific lately so I still have two more baby quilts to make to get caught up!

Here is a close up of the quilting.  It should hold up well being washed over and over again.  I always tell the recipients of my baby quilts to just use them--I give washing and drying instructions.  I promise to make them another quilt if the first one wears out, but I have not had to make a second quilt for anyone yet!

I'm happy to report that winter is finally over and I have spring flowers blooming in my garden!

I think my backyard bunny took a bite out of one of these primroses...

The Columbine leaves are unfurling.

Bleeding heart leaves are such a pretty colour!

I have several primroses in my garden...such a nice bright spot of colour!

And here is my backyard bunny---often seen munching on the grass and the flowers...I wish she/he would stick to eating the grass!

I will be linking up to Amanda Jean's blog for Finish it Up Friday.


  1. I always tell my baby quilt parents that the quilt is to be used, not kept for an heirloom, and that I will happily fix anything that ever goes wrong with it. I live this I spy quilt!

  2. The baby I Spy Quilt looks great & is so fresh with the green sashing! Your garden is coming up beautifully too!
    The Miramichi Bay has finally broke & I can see water now, sure beats seeing ice! The snow is melting quickly with the warm temps. Won't be long now before we see the bulbs pushing through!

  3. Love the I SPY quilt and yes I always urge people to actually USE my quilts as well LOL! People seem to get scared as if they'll fall apart at the first wash or something! Love that bunny...I had a baby one here last spring living in the front trees/ bushes area.

  4. The green sashing is a winner! Such pretties from your garden!