Sunday, March 22, 2020

National Quilting Day, plus some Slow Stitching

To celebrate National Quilting Day, I started a new quilt!  The London Modern Guild Sewing day was cancelled today, for obvious reasons, but we were all encouraged to #sewcialdistance and work on our projects at home.  I have had my eye on this pattern for several months now and finally bought the Snowflake pattern online last week.  I was not sure which colour I would use for the scrappy background and after surveying my stash, decided on red.  Here are my first three blocks, completed on Friday. 

On Saturday, I made 4 more blocks, but only got a picture when the total was at 6 blocks.  The snowflake is growing.  There are twenty blocks in the quilt.

Some of these red fabrics are very old and have been lurking in my stash for years.  Others are more recent additions.

Together, they all seem to work. 

I've also been doing some knitting this week.  In my previous post, I showed the beginnings of this hat and now I have added a couple more inches to it.  Finn likes to lie in a ball on my lap while I read or sew or knit.  (Sorry the picture is sideways, I could not get it to turn the right way.)

I'm pleased my tension is even!  Finn and I hope to finish off the hat sometime in the next few days.  I will need to make a pompom to add later.

The February Linens and Threads ornament is just about done.  The March pattern is printed, ready to  start when this one is done.

Finn was in the mood to play ball one night this week.   We have been going for a walk every day, keeping our distance from other dogs and people.  It was cold yesterday morning so he wore his coat.

I will be linking up with Kathy and the Slow Sunday Stitchers in the morning.  Stay safe and healthy. Take care.


  1. I love a red scrappy look (my favourite I think) and it definitely works! I'm very impressed by your knitting it really is lovely and even and I know you are new to knitting. The grey and red is a lovely combination. Finn is so adorable too! Take care

  2. I love your gray and red stitchery and looking forward to seeing it develop

  3. Oh I love reds! Looks like you have a great variety to make your new quilt sparkle!

  4. Red and whites are one of my favorite colors. I’m itching to finish mine. Your cross stitching does have nice even tension! Makes a difference. You are going to town on knitting! It is a stress reliever, especially now.

  5. Great projects, love those reds!

  6. Isn't it wonderful when you can use fabrics that you have had a long time. I like that snowflake pattern. Finn looks very happy and content to help you knit. I really like that cross-stitch too. Stay safe.