Saturday, October 16, 2021

Hand Stitching the Binding

I did not get much time to sew or knit this past week.  I had several appointments and some jobs to do around the house. I'm happy that the painting in the bedrooms has been done for a couple of weeks now and the new carpeting was installed on Friday so we are putting the furniture back into the rooms now.  This is a project that will stretch over several days.  We are going to add shelves to a closet so I can store my quilts in it and we have to find a new light fixture for our bedroom. New bookcases will be added in one room as well, but due to supply chain issues, it may be a while before we get them. 

My October UFO is quilted now and I have attached the binding by machine.  I changed the quilting in the  on point four patches so there was a bit of un-sewing earlier in the week to remove the curved lines I had added previously.  Funny how the stitches go in much faster than they come out!

The binding is dark brown and frames the quilt nicely.  I have finished hand stitching one side of the quilt and will work on this again tomorrow for Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy. 

This week, I have a challenge project to make for the Elgin Piecemakers and a border to add to a block for a round robin with the Toronto Modern Guild.  Then, I will pull out another UFO that needs to be quilted.

Above, Finn is shown before his haircut.  Below, he looks like he has lost a lot of weight and you can see his eyes now!

Our daughter has added more stitches to Dubrovnik...nearly done now.  I wonder what city she will do next?

Have a great week!


  1. painting and getting everything organized again takes so much time doesn't it - you will eventually get there - Finn is so cute!

  2. It sounds as if the house is getting back in order, it always takes an age! I hate removing machine quilting if I've gone wrong or I just don't like it and yes that too takes an age 😁. Finn looks very handsome and your daughters cross stitch is lovely.

  3. You have had a busy week! How exciting to have newly painted rooms and some new furniture. Unfortunate you had to unpick the quilting; a horrible task. This is such a lovely quilt. Your daughter's Dubrovnik cross stitch is beautiful and as for Finn, he is as adorable as ever.

  4. Oh we desperately need new carpeting, but I am not motivated to go looking and the thought of moving all of that furniture is daunting. Finn looks adorable with his recent haircut. Your daughter's latest city is beautiful. How doe she finish and display each city? Enjoy stitching your binding.

  5. We need new carpeting in the living room and I've been procrastinating on it since the thought of moving all that furniture is too much lol. And, I can't decide what to replace the carpet with!!! Great job on getting another UFO finished!

  6. Redecorating interferes with sewing time, yet worthwhile in the end. Closet shelving is an excellent idea for quilts. Fun With Barb has a post on her closet shelves. Your Oct UFO is charming. I hope Finn doesn’t feel naked - our dog always did after being groomed. Another nice cross-stitch city almost done.

  7. Your October UFO is so pretty! Congratulations on getting it to the binding stage, even with all the chores around the house this week. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  8. Soon the binding will finish and your UFO would be done!
    Dubrovnik is comming along very well. Finn is seeing better now.