Saturday, October 23, 2021

October UFO's and PomPoms!

I finally made my September block for the Elgin Piecemakers Guild Comfort quilt project this past week! We were each to make a bird block with a gray background.  We had plans to meet outside in September in someone's backyard but it poured rain the night of our meeting and it got cancelled so now, the bird blocks will be handed in with the October blocks this month.  I had already made all of my blocks for the rest of the year in the spring so this was the last one to make for 2021.  I used a Riley Blake pattern I found online. 

My October UFO project is finished!  The hand stitching on the binding was completed last weekend. I even labelled it!

For the back, I had one yard of the dark print fabric and just used some solid yellow fabric to made the backing big enough. I am using what I have rather than purchasing fabric at the moment. 

Since our group's UFO challenge is for one year, and I have well over 20 items on my UFO list, I decided to try to finish a second UFO this month.  This is another charm pack quilt--an effort to use up the charm packs in my stash.  This little quilt will make a great baby gift some day.  I like to have a few baby quilts made ahead of time to be ready with a gift, should the need arise. I am currently about 3/4 done on the machine quilting. 

I am using a pale turquoise thread and the backing fabric is also turquoise. I should be able to finish this quilt by the end of the month. 

Over the past few months, I have been participating in the Toronto Modern Guild Round Robin project.  There are 6 quilters in my group and I have now made something to add to everyone's quilt tops.  This week, I added a border to Tania's quilt. The pink line was on the block--I removed it and then added the borders and then pieced the pink line (with my own pink fabric) back in, extending it into the border.  I happened to have the black and white border print fabric in my stash and it fit right in with Tania's block.  This block is in the mail. 

I added pompoms to my three hats today.  I used a Clover pompom maker. 

Finn loves to rearrange this blanket to make a comfortable nest!

Love Birds was delivered to the newlyweds on Thanksgiving weekend and is now hanging on their wall.  They were thrilled with the picture and frame.  This makes me happy! I managed to finish it and get it to them before their first anniversary in November!

I will be linking up with Kathy and the Slow Sunday Stitchers in the morning. 


  1. I downloaded that bird block too, it's very sweet. Your finished quilt looks great, I love the colours. The Pom poms really finish off your hats beautifully. I'm not surprised the newly weds were pleased with your cross stitch. It looks amazing and the frame is perfect. Have a nice day.

  2. You have 20 UFO's ready to finish?? Wow! You are a busy lady, Gail. How sweet the little blue bird is. Love the fabric for its wing and the background fabric is perfect. The finished quilt is beautiful; love the backing fabrics, too. The black and white borders on the Toronto Modern Guild Round Robin block looks great; so clever and eye-popping. This block is really cool. And, as for the the Lovebirds Sampler, it looks lovely displayed on the wall. Aren't dogs funny always rearranging their bedding for their comfort. My Maisie does the same.

  3. What a sweety blue bird!
    Love your new quilt and also how your are walking foot quilting the baby quilt. The 3 hats look to be cozy and warm, may I say you are ready for cooler days. Finn is a very charming dog. It's no surprise that newlyweds have loved you embroidery, it is a beauty.
    Happy stitching!

  4. I am glad I have no where near 20 UFO's I have enough as it is. The hats are cute - I am wondering what a pom pom maker looks like but I think I may have seen them at one time.

  5. What a fun post with so many great project.
    I really like your modern piece. Congrats on your finish. great backing and yay for a label.
    only 20 UFOs? ha ha. I'm the same.
    Your pompoms are perfect on your hats :)

  6. I don't think I have 20 UFOs, but I haven't counted so I really don't know. I am glad that you are finally getting several to the finish line. The October UFO is fun and fabulous. That baby quilt is pretty. I like the cute bird block also. Finn looks quite cozy and comfortable in that photo. So glad that Love Birds has been gifted and is appreciated. Enjoy your stitching!

  7. Your October UFO turned out just wonderfully! Looks like good progress on the next one, too. The lovebirds stitchery is the perfect gift, and so fun to see it hung on the wall already. Happy Sunday!

  8. Everyone, relax. I have over 120 UFOs! Does that mean I win--or lose! Slowly making progress.

  9. So many accomplishments Gail! Congrats on finishing one UFO and going for two this month! Love your bird block!
    And I'm so happy your lovebirds gift is finished and framed and well received... a real labour of love!

  10. You have some lovely projects, love that little bird block and well done on your pom poms. Congrats on the UFO finish.

  11. Love the bird block, and congratulations on your UFO finish! The love birds is exquisite!