Saturday, June 18, 2022

Hooking, Knitting, and I started something new...

 I made some rug hooking progress on my class project. The sheep is now done, including the tail and the legs.  The wool strips are not trimmed yet so the wonkiness in the legs and tail is due to that.  Next, I will work on the flowers.  Then, there will be lots of sky and grass to fill in.  

I just have the last border to do on the whale baby facecloth--I had hoped to finish it today but we got busy with gardening and then doing other jobs inside so I did not sit down to knit. I should have a finished cloth by next week.  I may be the world's slowest knitter...

As you know, I have been making 36 patches in various colours each month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I have a confession to make...I got impatient to finish the blocks for this quilt and just sewed up enough blocks to make a 4X4 block quilt.  Here are a couple of the extra blocks I made.  I have a box full of 2.5" squares so it was very easy, maybe too easy, to just grab the squares and make the blocks.  

I will put all the blocks on the design wall soon and get them sewn together into a top.  I hope to quilt this one myself.  For the rest of the year, I will just have my selvage blocks and my scrappy drunkard's path blocks to make each month. I still need to make my blue drunkard's path blocks this month--I will put that task on the list for this coming week. 

In the meantime, I started another baby quilt--this one is just to have on hand in case a baby comes along that needs a quilt.  I like making baby quilts- I can put them together fairly quickly with fabric I have on hand and I can quilt them myself.  Here are the first 4 blocks.  This is a pattern by Jaybird Quilts, using her Hex N More and Sidekick rulers. 

I got together someone from the sewing group at church and we made two zippered pouches for the Christmas bazaar.  I have kits cut out to make 4 more.  I will likely make them over the summer.  The Kaffe fabric was donated to the sewing group by someone from the church. 

My husband and I went walking tonight on a local trail--the daisies were in bloom--it was hard to get a picture as it was breezy and they were blowing around!

I have a few new plants in my garden.  Here are a couple of the flowers--I'm not sure what they are as they were given to me from someone else's garden. If you know, please tell me! PS. These flowers are quite small.  Don't be fooled by my close up pictures. 

Our black lace elderberry bush is in bloom. Here is a close up of the flowers!  So pretty!

Finn is just relaxing after his walk tonight.  

I will link up with Kathy and the slow Sunday stitchers in the morning. 


  1. that elderberry is so pretty love the colors - you have been busy haven't you

  2. The sheep is darling. When finished, it’ll be a nice completed class project. I also knit slowly. How nice to have a finished baby quilt on hand. I’ve yet to make a zippered pouch. The wide bottom ones look quite functional. Elderberry blossoms are pretty. I did not know what they looked like. Sometimes when I talk a summer walk, I get tuckered out like Finn.

  3. I like your sheep and those pouches. All of your quilt blocks are so pretty. I usually try to have some crocheted/knitted baby blankets on hand. I like the quilted one you are making. Your flowers are so pretty. We were of the same mind set this week of sharing our flowers. Finn is looking relaxed and shaggy. I love the photo.

  4. All your projects are lovely, I love the rug I have a thing about sheep haha. Beautiful flowers and Finn looks so cute sitting there. Have a lovely Sunday.

  5. All your endeavors are just wonderful. Finn is a cutie

  6. I’ve always wanted to try rug hooking. I bought a book but that’s as far as I got! LOL

  7. I'm a pretty slow knitter myself. Glad it doesn't bother you any more than it bothers me to be slow. I am loving your wool sheep. What will the finished size be? I remember you said it was a small project for a good starting point, followed hopefully by a finish. I think you'll make that goal!

  8. You have been busy with all your projects. Is rug hooking difficult, or hard on your hands? Lots of pretty things in your garden, always nice to look at. Hello to Finn.

  9. Your rug-hooking project looks wonderful, Gail! That's a craft I haven't tried. The whale cloth is adorable, too. The whale really stands out. I'll look forward to seeing your rainbow of 36 patch blocks made into a quilt - so fun! Enjoy those pretty flowers!

  10. Your woolly little sheep is adorable. Cute little pouches and I love that you skipped ahead with your 36 patch blocks. =) It is always lovely to see masses of daises swaying in the breeze.