Monday, June 29, 2009

QNIC (Quilting Night In Canada)

Tonight was QNIC at my house. Nancy and Karen came over to quilt the night away with me. We had iced tea and cookies while we worked away on our projects. Nancy continued to hand quilt her large quilt and Karen started to cut out a new project --a lap quilt. She has been collecting fabric for this project for a while and has been searching through my patterns for the right project. Tonight, she was looking in my recent edition of Quiltmaker and found a pattern that was perfect for the material she had collected. I will take a picture at the next QNIC so you can see her fabric. I worked on sewing the blocks together on my daughter's university quilt, shown above. I did not get it all done but made good progress. I should have it done and up off the floor by the end of the week.

I also worked on the 4 patches for the Bonnie Hunter Christmas mystery. So far, I have the gold and white blocks done and the 4 patches. I have quite a bit of the cutting done as well. I had to purchase some black fabric on the weekend so it will need to be washed before I cut it out. I put all of the pieces in zip loc bags and labelled them with their "part numbers" so I won't get mixed up later...

I still have more cutting out to do on the red pieces as well. I will continue to post pictures of my progress.


  1. Hey...I want to come to quilting night in Canada!! Sounds like great fun!
    Enjoyed seeing all your mystery quilt pieces organized.

  2. And I want to come too! I did a little QNIC myself but I was by myself. Every night should be QNIC.