Monday, January 4, 2010

The last of the candle mats.

I finally finished the last of the candle mats that I pieced before Christmas. I kept one for myself (the red one) and gave one to a friend as a late Christmas gift. I gave the last one to one of the members of the Elgin Piecemakers Quilt Guild at our "Christmas Dinner" tonight at a local Italian restaurant. We do a gift exchange every year. Pat O was pleased with her candle mat and candle holder--she likes green!

Now that I am done making gifts, I can start to work on my other projects which have been on hold since December. I would like to finish my spinning squirrels and maggots quilt as well as my fractured squares quilt. I have the material all washed and ironed, ready to start the Carolina Christmas mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville as well. At the London Friendship Quilters' guild, we are doing a row robin and the first row must be done for the meeting next week. I have the design in my head, but I have not picked out fabric yet...Yikes! Lots to do! Oh well, I work well under the pressure of a deadline!


  1. The candle mats are lovely! I'm still working on a gift, too, but I'm not even close to being done, unfortunately...

  2. The candle mats are lovely and its a very nice idea and great gift!