Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I finished the 4 little 6 inch Grandmother's Fans tonight. I hand appliqued the curved edge down. I am not really fond of the layout for this block in the magazine where I got the pattern so I decided to try a few options, take some pictures and see what all of you think. This is the last block for my Grateful Heart sampler. they are:

When I got home tonight from work, my crocuses were blooming in my front garden. I ran inside and grabbed my camera to take a few pictures. It is supposed to get cold again this weekend...just when I was getting used to it being warm!!! The picture at the top of my blog was taken last Spring, before the rabbits ate the flowers.


  1. I'm torn between a and c. But I think I like the symmetry of c the best.

    That sure is going to be a beautiful quilt.

  2. I think "c" is lovely. - Debbie

  3. A and C are my favorites. I've enjoyed reading about your blocks.

  4. Not really sure which one I like best...I think I'd make a circle out of them :-). Is that the original design?