Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring is sprung! (And, another sampler block)

Today was a beautiful day, sunny and 10 degrees Celcius. The snow was melting at a fast and furious pace and I could see lots of daffodils and a few crocuses peeking out in the garden in my front yard.

My husband and I spent the afternoon at the Stratford Garden Show. There were several display gardens and lots of vendors to get people thinking about digging in the dirt once again. I bought some seeds for my vegetable garden and look forward to warm weather when I can plant them!

I did some sewing last night and made this block, called "Harmony". It is an 8 inch block. Only 6 more blocks to make for this sampler quilt!!! Then, of course, there are pieced filler strips and I am going to make a pieced border as well. Still lots of sewing to do.


  1. There are signs of spring in the center of those last 2 blocks as well. Love the way these are looking

  2. Nice to see some flowers coming up! Nothing in our garden yet, but we don't have any spring bulbs planted yet...maybe next year :-).